Top 10 Punjabi Movies on Netflix You Should Watch (2023)

Netflix has always been the perfect station to binge-watch movies of different genres like Hindi, English, Punjabi movies, etc.


10 Best Punjabi Movies on NetflixQismatPaan Singh TomarSoormaGuddiyon PatoleManje BistreSardar JiNeedhi SinghMotor Mitraan DiMahi NRIAsees

We have been glued to its fascination as it provides interesting and watchable content. It’s been a while since Netflix entered with some Bollywood films and Punjabi movies in India.

Talking about best Punjabi movies, Netflix will never fail to provide you with various options for entertaining Netflix Punjabi movies worldwide. It is known for its comedy movie which will always tickle your funny bone, a tinge of heart-wrenching emotions, and some intimate romance.

The filmmakers have again and again impressed the audience with the most relatable content and display the aspirations of Indians, north Indians specifically, and all the Punjabis living in foreign as minorities. The actors have amassed a massive fan following over the crowd of billions of people.

Therefore, it must be difficult for you to choose the best blockbuster hits from some best Punjabi movies’ gigantic set. I hope this list of movies will help you start with movies of your favorite genres and have a never-ending treat for your eyes. Let’s take a lane to the currently best-rated Punjabi movies.

10 Best Punjabi Movies on Netflix

  1. Qismat

Sargun Mehta starrer movie stars like Ammy Virk,Guggu Gill, Harby Sangha, and Tania as supporting roles. In the story, this man falls in love with someone in Chandigarh, and the twist which hits the watchers is that his marriage is already fixed with another girl. It is one of its kind and will say offset from the Punjabi movies stream.

  1. Paan Singh Tomar

Some stories are made to inspire us, as India hasn’t failed to get its honor through its citizens. This is based on one of the true stories of a man who is an Indian athlete and a steeplechase champion.

It is a fantastic action, crime, sport, thriller, and different from other Punjabi movies—casting: Irrfan Khan with Mahie Gill, Vipin Sharma, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

  1. Soorma

A comeback story of a dedicated, struggling hockey player-Sandeep Singh. It depicts the ups and downs in his life, and his story inspires many, from children to adults. Shaad Ali’s this film is a true success. His dedication, determination, and unbridled passion for sports are his victory, which the story depicts.

He made headlines for his miraculous comeback after facing a near-death experience. The director seems very clear about telling the story of an ordinary man who achieves extraordinary feats.

Diljit Dosanj, in the lead role, nailed the character. He has already won million hearts and is the backbone of Punjabi films. Taapsee Pannu is impressive in her significant role as one of the best film stars.

Angad Bedi is endearing as the protective and caring elder brother, and so is Satish Kaushik in the role of Sandeep’s father.

Among others is Vijay Raaz as Sandeep’s quirky coach. He did justice to the character as he showed up his aggression and egoistic nature and had many laughs and whistles.

  1. Guddiyon Patole

After a long time in Canada, these two sisters visited their village and decided to take their grandmother on a trip. But who knew that a boy would accidentally come across their way on returning to Punjab?

The movie will relish you with a virtual trip to mini Canada. The way of life and the conversations are very true to life in the movie. There’s no over-the-top drama, no villain, just like real life. They visit temples and go shopping just like in real life.

The film is very enjoyable from the rest of the best Punjabi movies. This amazing movie will relish you with a virtual trip to mini Canada. They have great comedy elements.

Casting: Gurnam Bhullar, Sonam Bajwa, Tania, and Nirmal Rishi in lead role

  1. Manje Bistre

This movie revolves around the plot that a young boy trying to woo a lady at his sister’s wedding, unaware that her marriage is already fixed with someone else.

Gippy Grewal gets into his character and delivers a fine performance. Go on for this one to make your cheeks and stomach ache with laughter.

  1. Sardar Ji

Jaggi is tasked with driving away from a ghost who haunts a mansion in London. We couldn’t ask for more humor when we know that he falls in love with a ghost—a typical yet innovative idea to create humor amongst the audience.

If you love watching horror yet comedy Punjabi movies, you will end up adding SARDAR JI in your favorites. Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, and Mandy Takhar taking up the lead roles.

  1. Needhi Singh

It has a storyline, which raises a social issue. A must for the whole family. As it is not a regular Punjabi movie, it is much more than a family drama and has a strong message for women, not to succumb to pressure of any kind.

Its worldwide available and appeals especially to India and Asian countries. The actress has done justice to her role, though there is no main male actor in the movie. Needhi Singh has taken this movie to its best version.

After a long time, one has come across a good Punjabi movie. The real incident took place in Bhago Majra village in Mohali, which happened circa 2011 — like gender violence that his friend’s sister witnessed — the dramatized treatment is entirely his own.

  1. Motor Mitraan Di

Motor Mitraan Di is a story of three brothers who own a garage or bus. This story highlights a godman who misleads people, but people always recognize him as a messiah as his misdeeds are still unseen.

Near their village is a dera of Baba (Yograj Singh), whom several people visit for worship. The three brothers strike a deal with the person in charge of the data to transport the passengers to see the baba.

The dera head who killed a girl tried to escape the accusation and carried her body to the canal but failed to do so. How the three brothers get to know about the murder and expose the fake baba forms the rest of the story.

  1. Mahi NRI

The flick titled ‘Mahi NRI‘ has a skillful direction and a variety of music. Lead, Harrdy Sandhu, the character was a village-based rapper cum singer called Sherry Singh whose ustaadji is GHUMAN SAHB, Reet’s dad.

Both even perform at local events besides the fact that Ghuman Saab is a banker. A lot can be said and discussed, but the good part is that this movie had certain dialogues which made a lot of sense and touched everyone’s heart!

Hardy Sandhu, debutante Poppy Jabbal and Rameet Kaur, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Navneet Nishan, and BN Sharma are lead roles. Navneet Nishan plays Reet’s mother and a whole with Indian attributes through which the story takes many twists and turns.

  1. Asees

This genre is less explored by writers/directors in the Punjabi movies industry and is underrated only because this genre is less experienced. But it has an exceptionally emotional movie indeed.

Rana Ranbir is in total control of the character portrayed by him. It’s a story of a mother-son duo and the tests they face in their relationship.

It shows the various aspects of human life and how relationship changes with time. Pardeep Saran got some serious acting skills.

Few had always loved Rana Ranbir’s work, and he certainly didn’t disappoint them in ASEES. Kudos to the team for presenting us with such a masterpiece.

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