The 8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Architecture and 3D Rendering (2023)

The 8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Architecture and 3D Rendering (1)

If you want to learn architecture graphics and 3D visualization skills, watching Youtube is an easy, free, quick way to get started. You can watch anywhere you have internet, on any device, either on the go or at home.

I started watching Youtube channels to learn architecture, 3D modeling, and post-production rendering when I realized I lacked some valuable skills as an architectural designer. In addition to Youtube, I’ve also invested money into paid online courses. I did this when I wanted to dive deeper into a subject and learn it comprehensively.

Oftentimes, when I start a new design or illustration project, I check out Youtube tutorials. This helps me gain new architectural representation tricks. It’s also helped me sign on new clients and earn higher fees, too.

My advice is to find a video that is similar to what you want to achieve and then watch it twice. Firstly, simply watch the entire video to understand the process. After that, watch it again, pause frequently, and work step-by-step alongside it. Likewise, apply what you learn to your own project.

Here’s a list of some of the best Youtube channels to learn architecture and 3D visualization (in no particular order). This list includes channels that teach Revit, ArchiCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, sketching, and more.

The 8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Architecture and 3D Rendering (2)

Show It Better

Show It Better is one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels for learning how to do amazing architectural graphics. Certainly, it is a must-watch channel for architecture students, freelance designers, and professional architects.

Topics include how to create illustrative architectural drawings, axonometric diagrams, urban drawings, and site analysis diagrams. You can also find helpful videos on how to use InDesign for architectural presentation boards, how to find design inspiration, and how to draw like an architect. Videos are typically 10-15 minutes long.

I always feel like I learn something new after watching a few of their videos. In addition, the videos are easy to follow along. Check out this channel to discover all kinds of new methods for creating visually stunning drawings.

Channel Description: The best place to learn architectural representation. We are architects with a deep love for architecture representation. We started this because we thought there was more to arch representation than an AutoCAD class in your first semester. Representation is a project in itself, and the way you show the future of the world resides greatly in the world itself.

Favorite Video: Draw like an Architect / Essential Tips to IMPROVE your drawings

OU Graphics

Another excellent Youtube channel to learn architecture graphics is created by OU Graphics. It contains lots of amazing tips for architects and architecture students.

The channel features in-depth architectural graphics tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. For example, you can learn techniques for2D graphics, including floor plans, sections, elevations, and technical drawings. Also, you can find videos on creating digital sketches and collages. If you want to improve post-production rendering in Photoshop, there are videos on this topic too.

The videos on OU Graphics are incredibly in-depth and beautifully done. Thus, I can’t wait to see more videos produced, as the quality is superb.

Channel Description: Learn how to make amazing graphics related to architecture and design!

Favorite Video: 7 Photoshop Tips Every Architect Must Know!


QreativeHomeis a Youtube channel about all types of creative architectural graphics. There are videos in English and German.

The channel features a combination of speed build + post-production rendering videos and tutorial lessons. However, the main focus seems to be ArchiCAD. You can learn how to model anything in ArchiCAD. Also, you can gain insight into customizing the user interface of ArchiCAD to improve your workflow and productivity. Students can find tips for studying architecture.

Also, it’s one of the few channels to offer free downloads of the Photoshop brushes and files created in some of the Youtube videos. This can be especially useful to help you learn architecture skills in Photoshop.

Channel Description: Welcome to Qreative Home! Architecture, Design, Archicad, Sketchup, Photoshop and everything else, which is creative. Stay qreative and have a nice day!

Favorite Video: ArchiCAD Speedbuild + Photoshop Post Production – Farm Building

Surviving Architecture

Surviving Architecture is an amazing architecture Youtube Channel where Rasha Shrourou shares tips, tutorials, and videos about her drawing supplies, architectural sketches, and digital renders.

She covers a wide range of topics that are helpful to architecture students and recent graduates. This includesarchitecture sketchbook tours, ‘day in the life’ vlogs, and Photoshop rendering tutorials. In addition, you can learn tips and tricks to create unique graphics for your architecture projects. The videos are typically 5-10 minutes long.

I love the personality and passion for architecture that she brings to her channel. As a result, she has created a fantastic, growing community of like-minded architecture people from around the world.

Channel Description: This channel is targeted to the male and female audience of 18-34 years old architecture students/architects that have an interest in architecture, design, graphic design, and sketching. Videos include architecture tutorials, architectural rendering, building architecture, portfolio strategies, creative thinking, 3d rendering, interior design rendering, architecture portfolio, sketchbook tours, photoshop ideas and more.

Favorite Video: Drawing Buildings – My Architecture Sketchbook Tour


RayARCH is a fun, creativity-filled Youtube channel created by Ray Liu. It is filled with architecture school advice.

You can find critique series, sketchbook series, Q & A series, and hilarious parody videos. His advice videos are filmed in acasual, conversational manner.

This channel is newer to me, but I wish it had existed when I was an architecture undergraduate student. It would have provided an extra boost of motivation. In addition, it’s a great channel when you want a break from your design project.

Channel Description: Subscribe to RayARCH for fun architecture school advice and take a little break from studio!

Favorite Video: Can I Get Into Architecture School? | Q&A #1 | RayARCH

Balkan Architect

If you are looking for a fast yet comprehensive approach to learn Revit, then Balkan Architect is worth checking out. Balkan Architect is a Youtube channel created by Milos Temerinski. His channel features a vast collection of video tutorials on all things Revit.

He shares tips and tricks for creating facades, walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, construction details, and more. Furthermore, he explains Revit families, parametric design, Dynamo, and 3D rendering in Revit. For architecture students, he publishes helpful career-focused videos on topics such as creating a portfolio, finding your first job, and how to earn money using your Revit skills.

There are new episodes every single day. (That’s pretty amazing if you ask me.)The videos are typically about ten to fifteen minutes long. In addition, he has launched a Patreon to give even more value to his audience. There you can support his work and access premium Revit content including project files.

I love the personality and straightforward approach to Balkan Architect’s channel. Personally, I have to admit that I’m a long-time ArchiCAD user (but from time to time, I use Revit depending on the project). However, after watching a good number of Milos’ videos, he makes a convincing case that Revit is just as awesome and powerful as ArchiCAD. 😉

Channel Description: Hi! Welcome to my channel. I create videos and tutorials for architects! Revit and AutoCAD tutorials! Subscribe for daily videos!

Favorite Video for Revit Beginners: Make Money With Revit

S Photoshop Architecture

S Photoshop Architecture is a Youtube channel about architectural visualization and post-production using Photoshop. Created by Duong Van Sinh from VietCGStudio in Vietnam, this channel is perfect for anyone experienced with Photoshop but new to 3D visualizations.

He shows you the process from start to finish for architectural exteriors and interiors, as well as plans and sections. His videos are typically 10-30 minutes of a live Photoshop demonstration without vocals. Also, he provides a download link for his PSD files, which is a great way to get an inside look at the post-production process.

I discovered his channel a long time ago when I started to get more serious about post-production rendering. It’s one of my favorite Youtube channels on this topic. Most importantly, his videos showed me all kinds of useful ways to create better 3D visualizations.

Channel Description: Hi, I am Duong Van Sinh from VietCG Studio. I make videos in my free time, which I hope are helpful for architects to learn Photoshop post-production rendering. Thanks for watching!

Favorite Video: Lake Villa Visualization – Photoshop Architecture

ARQUI9 Visualisation

For those wanting to accelerate their Photoshop skills, ARQUI9 Visualisation is another YouTube channel dedicated to 3D architectural visualization.

This channel is an extension of the award-winning architectural visualization studio ARQUI9, founded by Pedro Fernandes in London, UK. He started as an architect and then fell in love with 3D visualization. As a result, his talent clearly shows through in his work. You can learn more about this story over here on an episode of Ronen Bekerman’s podcast.

The goal of ARQUI9 Visualisation is to create stories through images. The video tutorials feature masterful, beautiful illustrations with step-by-step explanations. It’s not for Photoshop beginners. However, you will see it is possible to work magical wonders with Photoshop if you practice.

Channel Description: Arqui9’s Youtube channel is an extension of our way of thinking. Great work comes through sharing and critiquing each other’s work. We hope much of our tutorials inspire the younger and upcoming Architectural Visualisation artist to follow through with their own creations and that that may also share with us.

Favorite Video: Creating an Architectural Section In Photoshop

A Final Note!

There are so many more amazing Youtube channels than featured here! Above all, Youtube has been a huge factor in my development as an architectural designer. It’s entirely free education. In addition, it is has allowed me to gain new skills quickly.

When I watch Youtube, it’s with the intention of learning. In other words, I rarely watch for entertainment purposes. I watch the video I need and then get back to work. After that, I open the relevant design software and test out what I’ve just learned.Most videos are typically 5-30 minutes. This is perfect when you are short on time, don’t have time for a full-length course, and need to meet a client deadline.

To sum up, if you want to learn architecture and improve your skills as an architect, freelancer, or architecture student, start by watching a few tutorials on these helpful YouTube channels.

Don’t have time to watch these Youtube videos now? Pin the image below to Pinterest to save it for later!

The 8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Architecture and 3D Rendering (3)

What are your favorite Youtube channels? In addition, are there any you watch that aren’t on this list?

The 8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Architecture and 3D Rendering (4)

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