Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (2022)

He is the former Eastenders star who is delighting audiences at Stafford Castle in a stunning modern production of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice from Gatehouse Theatre.

And Linal Haft will have an extra special reason to shine in his role as Jewish money lender Shylock which runs until July 13.

The 75 year-old's wife Buster Skeggs is coming to see the show - and in a romantic twist that even Shakespeare could not have pre-empted - the happy couple will be reunited in a production of the very same play in which they first met half a century ago.

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (1)

Linal and Buster first set eyes on each other in 1969 when they were both cast in a production of The Merchant of Venice in Sydney.

The couple tied the knot in Perth in 1971, and now live in London, but spend three months a year in Oz - escaping the English weather and visiting their son Sam who has a film acting school and was in Peter Rabbit.

Linal's acting 50 year acting career has gone from strength to strength since those early days in Australia.

His long list of credits span stage and screen, and include turns alongside Will Young in the musical Cabaret and as scheming Harry Gold in EastEnders in 2010 - with a series of shocking storylines, including killing a cat.

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (2)

Buster is in for a treat when she sits in the audience this weekend as the latest Stafford Gatehouse Theatre production has received glowing reviews – with Linal having been singled out for ‘show-stealing’ performances.

It's no mean feat - as the cast for the outdoor production have been braving gnats, drizzle and record sunshine as they follow up last year's critically-acclaimed Macbeth.

It's the first time The Merchant of Venice has played in 29 years of the annual Stafford Festival Shakespeare, produced by the Gatehouse Theatre.

The thrilling new production of Shakespeare's controversial masterpiece is transported to 1950s New York where communities are divided by wealth and religion.

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A 'magical' play at Stafford Castle

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (3)

“The Merchant of Venice is an exciting play and it’s a play that’s very relevant to today’s world on the religious side of it,” Linal said.

“It’s got romance and there’s the thriller side to it.

"There’s danger, excitement all the themes that people have always wanted from plays.

"They can laugh, cry, gnash their teeth, be touched, and it’s all performed by a really wonderful cast of people.

“The setting is fantastic too. I’ve played in the outdoors before and it’s quite a different experience when you’re exposed to the elements.

"The audience are covered if it is going to rain, but the actors aren’t.

"It’s quite novel in rehearsals when the rain permeates everything and on a clammy evening you’re batting away mozzies.

“In the evening performances you are starting in the light and by the time you get to the romantic elements, it’s getting dark, so the audience go through that process of early evening and into the night, it’s quite magical.”

Linal has already been praised for his performances as the Jewish money lender – bringing his own life experiences to bear in playing one of Shakespeare’s most complex characters.

The Merchant of Venice runs until July 13 at Stafford Castle. For more information and tickets click here

From EastEnders to Stafford Castle - after growing up in Leeds and over coming bullies

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (4)

Growing up in Leeds, he was bullied at school because of his Jewish background before emigrating to Australia as a 19-year-old ‘ten pound Pom’ – the term for British citizens who paid the fee for assisted migration after the Second World War.

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He found acceptance – and the stage.

As well as his stints with Will Young and Eastenders, Linal's acting career has seen him acting alongside friend Jeff Goldblum in comedy theatre show The Prisoner of Second Avenue.

Linal and his wife swapped texts with Jeff after his Glastonbury 2019 appearance with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra in the Hollywood actor’s new life as a jazz virtuoso.

Shakespearian credits include treading the boards with Mia Farrow in A Midsummer Nights Dream at Leicester Haymarket.

Linal has some special memories of Albert Square.

“EastEnders was an experience and a half," Linal said.

"It’s a way of life being in a series like that, people have been in it a long, long time. I don’t have any negative thoughts about that at all.

“I watched the first episode of Coronation Street in 1960 and it was cracking, but what’s happening now is everyone is dying off in dramatic ways.

“The natural drama of life itself with the occasional catastrophe is good, but now there is so much commercialism with so much competition to chase ratings you have to be cruder, ruder and more violent than so and so next door to pull in the ratings.”

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (5)

With his bullet-headed look, Linal has a reputation for playing tough, controlling characters – but his current role as Shylock is far more than a simple baddie.

As a schoolboy in Leeds, Linal was chased and punched for his Jewish background and he credits Shakespeare for taking an even-handed look at anti-Semitism.

“A lot of people, Jewish people in particular, think this is an anti-Semitic play, but it's not, it’s a play about anti-Semitism,” he said.

“In today’s climate, anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head all over the world, not that it ever went away.

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"Though there’s the New York twist, Shakespeare set the play in Venice, where Jews lived in ghettos and had to wear a marking to denote that they were lower than dogs.

“They were only allowed to practice usury, or money lending.

“It’s interesting how Shakespeare balanced out the way Shylock treats and is treated by the Christian people in the play, being spat on, kicked and abused.

"In the original play he’s called by his name Shylock about seventeen times and the word Jew is used 58 times.

“He’s also called the Devil eight times, more than any other character in Shakespeare’s plays.

“With that, and the way he’s been treated, he explodes with revenge. After all these awful things that happen to him, he wants his pound of flesh.”

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (6)

Linal credits Shakespeare for underpinning The Merchant of Venice with a sense of humanity.

“Shakespeare was trying to say we should put away all this aggro with each other because of cultural or religious differences,” he said.

“I have always said that Jewish people are not a race in the same way that Catholics or Christians are not a race, there’s only one race, the human race.

“There’s only one religion – and that’s all of us.”

Shakespeare in love - a real life drama

Real life Shakespeare in love actors are reunited at Stafford Castle (7)

Linal and Buster first met when he was a young actor in Australia, doubling up as the Prince of Morocco and Tubal in a rough and ready staging of the play.

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Cupid’s arrow struck, with his wife-to-be playing Jessica.

“The Merchant of Venice has always been in the back of my head somewhere, as I met my wife in the performance in Australia,” Linal said.

“She was a bit of a cracker, not just in terms of her performance but in the way she looked.

"Me being a ten-pound Pom and going out to Australia and meeting the woman I would spend the rest of my life with was a pretty good investment.

“With her being in the audience, it feels like things have come full circle.”

Meet some more of our talented cast for this year's #StaffordShakespeare The Merchant of Venice...
Shylock: Linal Haft
Portia: Jessica Hardwick
Lorenzo: James Macnaughton

— Gatehouse Theatre (@Staff_Gatehouse) June 5, 2019

Stafford Shakespeare Festival has been running since 1991, with The Merchant of Venice being staged for the first time at the annual event by the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre.

Linal said: “It’s been a remarkable experience being part of a terrific cast.

“Predominantly, compared to me, they are young and they are full of energy and commitment.

“That for me, really, truthfully, is a joy. I think the audience are getting that, judging by the reaction at the end of the play. It’s lovely to hear the audience cheer and applaud, so they’re obviously with it.”

Intrigue and drama in The Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare's classic follows privileged heiress Portia as she seeks a husband by unconventional means. A suitor merely has to solve a puzzle to win her hand in marriage.

Spendthrift Bassanio longs to be considered by Portia but if his close friend Antonio can no longer lend him money, who else can he turn to, and at what cost?

In the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre production the action has been transported to 1950s New York, a city where communities are divided by wealth and religion.

The Merchant of Venice is a compelling story of money, love and prejudice that gave the world the line 'all that glisters is not gold'.

The Merchant of Venice runs until July 13 at Stafford Castle.


For more information and tickets click here


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