Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (2023)

The war of words (or something like that) is on before the huge Packers-Lions showdown on Sunday night.

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Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (1)

Green Bay Packers

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said something that has the Detroit Lions really mad headed into Sunday night’s must-win showdown at Lambeau Field.

“This means a lot, because I feel like they don’t respect us,” Lions safety DeShon Elliott told reporters in Detroit on Friday. “(Rodgers) doesn’t respect us, that team doesn’t respect us. We shouldn’t be an underdog, no matter what the record says. Going out there, I think we’re going to fight our ass off, play smashmouth football, just because of the respect factor.”

“Like, we all got here someway, somehow. Yeah, he’s a Hall of Famer, but I just don’t respect the way he’s been talking about my guys all year, and the way that team views us. So, we’re going to go out there and prove something.”

The Packers are 8-8 and need a victory to earn a spot in the playoffs. The Lions are 8-8, too. They’ve both come a long way since Detroit won in Week 9 at Ford Field.

At the time, the Lions were 1-6 and the Packers were 3-5. Detroit intercepted Rodgers three times and won 15-9. Asked what had gone wrong for a perennial championship contender, Rodgers said “a lot,” then concluded, “We had a couple chances for sure. Can’t lose a game like that against that team, though, so that’s going to hurt for a while.”

Who can blame the Lions for being upset that Rodgers didn’t expect to lose to a team that had a solitary win to that point?

Asked specifically what bothered him about Rodgers, Elliott said: “Shoot, whatever. The way he carries himself, I don’t like none of that (expletive). So, we got to go out there and show what we can do, and show who the big dog (is), back up all the talking we do. We’re going to go out there and do that.”

Three weeks ago, the Packers beat the Rams to improve to 6-8. With two victories in the books, they needed three more to have a shot for the playoffs. In an on-field interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters after the game, Salters told Rodgers the Packers were set to finish the season against three teams with winning records.

“Well,” Rodgers said, one of them is at .500 right now.”

The Lions, who were 7-7 at the time, were upset that Rodgers dissed the team with his ability to do math in his head on live television.

“He was talking a little smack,” rookie edge rusher James Houston, who wasn’t even on the field that day, told MLive. “And when someone talks smack, you just lock that (expletive) up in the back of your brain and save that for Sunday. It’s right there in the back of my head.”

On Sunday night, after the Packers trounced the Vikings to get on the cusp of a playoff spot, Rodgers added fuel to the fire as he looked forward to the rematch against Detroit.

“It’s not the same old Lions,” Rodgers said. “They were 1-6 at one point and they’ve come all the way back to 8-8.”

The incendiary talk continued in front of his locker on Wednesday. It was the verbal equivalent of a gallon of gas lobbed into a Dumpster fire at a fireworks factory.

“I think they’ve got some guys healthy on offense. Jared (Goff has) been very consistent, they’ve got two good runners, they’ve got a lot of weapons in the outside,” Rodgers said in totally dismissing the Lions’ talent. “Defense, they’ve done some different things in the last, I don’t know, eight or nine games. But they’ve been playing a little bit more sound, and they’ve been playing with a lot of energy. I think our game kind of maybe galvanized them to turn it back in the right direction.”

Then came the ultimate trash talk from the quarterback.

“They’ve been playing really good football – as good as just about anybody in the league the last nine weeks.”


The Lions heard it all and are rightly irate headed into their last game of the regular season, one in which a victory could give them a 9-8 record and, if Seattle is upset by the Rams, a spot in the playoffs.

(Video) RODGERS THREW THE GAME, a breakdown

“There’s other things on the line as far as having a winning season, beating a division opponent that I feel like really doesn't respect us as much as, respect us that much at all,” cornerback Amani Oruwariye said this week. “So, there’s a lot of other motivating factors other than just, obviously, the playoff implications.”

“It’s been maybe one-sided for a long time, but I think this year, we flipped the script and I think everyone can kind of see that,” he added. “They might still feel like this is the old Lions.”

Well, Rodgers said these weren’t the same old Lions but, clearly, what Rodgers subliminally said was, “this is the same old shitty Lions.”

For what it’s worth – and it’s worth nothing – Rodgers is 18-7 for his career against Detroit with 53 touchdowns vs. eight interceptions. His 105.8 passer rating against Detroit is topped only by Kirk Cousins’ 117.5.

Athletes will find motivation under ever nook and cranny. Apparently the possibility of being put under the primetime lights with a shot to get into the playoffs isn’t enough.

“I just feel like overall, as a competitor, bro, you (should) respect everybody in this league,” Elliott said. “And for you to see something or hear someone say some wild stuff about you or your teammates or your brothers, shoot, what are you going to do? Are you going to lay down or stand up? So, we’re going to go out there and stand up.”

For Packers, Rise Really Was One Week at Time

Here is a week-by-week look at how the Packers went from the brink of elimination to leading the chase for the final playoff spot.

Through Week 12: Packers Were 4-8

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (2)

After losing at the Philadelphia Eagles, the Packers were three games out of the No. 7 seed with five games remaining. Actually, with the Commanders and Giants holding the final two spots and owning head-to-head wins over the Packers, they were four games out.

“Obviously, when you lose games, you’re putting yourself farther out there,” Rodgers said after the game. “We have a five-game stretch. We’ve got to win all five and probably need a little bit of help.”

With Rodgers dealing with injured ribs, the questions weren’t about the playoffs. They were about inserting Jordan Love into the lineup.

“Aaron’s the starting quarterback,” coach Matt LaFleur said a day after the game, echoing what he said the night before. “He’s battled through a lot throughout the course of his career. It’s pretty well documented and I think he’s been able to play at a pretty high level through a lot of different situations. So, we’ll take it one game at a time and make the best decision moving forward.”

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (10-1, NFC East leader)

2: Minnesota Vikings (9-2, NFC North leader)

3: San Francisco 49ers (7-4, NFC West leader)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-6, NFC South leader)

5: Dallas Cowboys (8-3)

6: New York Giants (7-4)

7: Washington Commanders (7-5)


8: Seattle Seahawks (6-5)

9: Atlanta Falcons (5-7)

10: Detroit Lions (4-7)

11: Green Bay Packers (4-8)

12: Arizona Cardinals (4-8)

13: New Orleans Saints (4-8)

14: Carolina Panthers (4-8)

15: Los Angeles Rams (3-8)

16: Chicago Bears (3-9)

Through Week 13: Packers Were 5-8

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (3)

The Packers were perilously close to falling all the way to the bottom of the NFC standings but outscored the Chicago Bears 18-0 in the fourth quarter to escape Soldier Field with a 28-19 victory.

“A win against the Bears is always a little more special,” Rodgers said after the game. “There were other things involved: the all-time win total was cool, another fourth-quarter comeback. I told the guys in the locker room we’ve played good enough to beat anybody in the league and at times played poor enough to lose to just about anybody. Our highs have been pretty solid.”

In other games, the Giants and Commanders tied, and Atlanta and New Orleans lost as Green Bay moved from 11th to 10th.

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (11-1, NFC East leader)

2: Minnesota Vikings (10-2, NFC North leader)

3: San Francisco 49ers (8-4, NFC West leader)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6, NFC South leader)

5: Dallas Cowboys (9-3)

6: New York Giants (7-4-1)

7: Seattle Seahawks (7-5)


8: Washington Commanders (7-5-1)

9: Detroit Lions (5-7)

10: Green Bay Packers (5-8)

11: Atlanta Falcons (5-8)

12: Arizona Cardinals (4-8)

13: Carolina Panthers (4-8)

14: New Orleans Saints (4-9)

(Video) Deshon Elliott says Aaron Rodgers doesn't respect the Lions

15: Los Angeles Rams (3-9)

Through Week 14: Packers Were 5-8 at Bye

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (4)

The Packers were on their bye but got a bit of help when Carolina went into Seattle and knocked off the Seahawks and the Giants were trounced at home by the Eagles. Still, they remained stuck in 10th place and two-and-a-half games out of the playoffs with four games to go.

Before those games were played, general manager Brian Gutekunst talked to reporters. Asked if he regretted committing to Rodgers via a contract extension, he said: “No regrets, not at all. Obviously, heading into the season, being the No. 1 seed the last two seasons leading into this season, a lot of high hopes, right? We were certainly expected to be competing for a championship, and we are still in it. If we’re able to dig our way back into this thing, we still feel like we have the ability to do that.”

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (12-1, NFC East leader)

2: Minnesota Vikings (10-3, NFC North leader)

3: San Francisco 49ers (9-4, NFC West leader)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7, NFC South leader)

5: Dallas Cowboys (10-3)

6: Washington Commanders (7-5-1)

7: New York Giants (7-5-1)


8: Seattle Seahawks (7-6)

9: Detroit Lions (6-7)

10: Green Bay Packers (5-8)

11: Carolina Panthers (5-8)

12: Atlanta Falcons (5-8)

13: Arizona Cardinals (4-9)

14: New Orleans Saints (4-9)

15: Los Angeles Rams (4-9)

Through Week 15: Packers Were 6-8

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (5)

The Packers came back from their bye and put together a strong second half to beat the injury-ravaged Los Angeles Rams and eliminate the defending champs from playoff contention.

With that Monday night victory, the Packers remained in 10th place in the NFC but moved within one-and-a-half games for the final spot in the NFC after the Giants marched into Washington and knocked off the Commanders. Plus, the 49ers went into Seattle and beat the Seahawks. So, two teams ahead of Green Bay lost.

“I do. I do,” Rodgers said when asked if he believed the team could run the table. “Now, we’re going to play three better football teams, but I do. Definitely.”

Why? “You win a game, vibes are pretty good and we’ve just been practicing a little bit better. The energy’s been a little bit better. It’s hard to put your finger on it. We’ve played a couple of teams we should have beat, so, that being said, it’s still tough to win in the league. And I’ve said it earlier, I think we can beat anybody. We can also lose to anybody. But when you win a couple in a row, it starts to give you some confidence. Now we’re playing against some better football teams down the stretch that we can go to Miami and win.”

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (13-1, NFC East leader)

2: Minnesota Vikings (11-3, NFC North champion)

3: San Francisco 49ers (10-4, NFC West champion)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-8, NFC South leader)

5: Dallas Cowboys (10-4, wild card)

6: New York Giants (8-5-1)

7: Washington Commanders (7-6-1)


8: Seattle Seahawks (7-7)

9: Detroit Lions (7-7)

10: Green Bay Packers (6-8)

11: Carolina Panthers (5-9)

12: New Orleans Saints (5-9)

13: Atlanta Falcons (5-9)

Through Week 16: Packers Were 7-8

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (6)

It was a Merry Christmas for the Packers, who not only went to Miami and earned a pivotal win over the Dolphins but got every bit of help imaginable in what could be the defining outcomes of the season.

The sixth-place Giants? Lost at Minnesota on a 61-yard field goal. The seventh-place Commanders? Routed at San Francisco. The eighth-place Seahawks? Lost at powerhouse Kansas City. The ninth-place Lions? Upset at Carolina.

So, while the Packers remained in 10th place, they moved within a half-game of the Commanders for the final playoff berth. Plus, Green Bay had the conference-record tiebreaker over eighth-place Seattle and the opportunity to pull ahead of ninth-place Detroit in Week 18. All it needed was Washington to stumble once in its final two games.

“I’d like to be, you know, 10-5, 11-4 but, considering where we were a few weeks ago, a lot of has happened in our favor,” Rodgers said. “All the games that needed to go a certain way went a certain way. Now, there’s obviously much left, but we’ve played meaningful games in December, we won all three of those. Now we’re playing meaningful games in January, and we’ve got to win those.”

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (13-2, NFC East leader)

2: Minnesota Vikings (12-3, NFC North champion)

(Video) Lions win after GUTSY 4th down conversion & Aaron Rodgers takes a slow walk off the field

3: San Francisco 49ers (11-4, NFC West champion)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8, NFC South leader)

5: Dallas Cowboys (11-4, wild card)

6: New York Giants (8-6-1)

7: Washington Commanders (7-7-1)


8. Seattle Seahawks (7-8)

9. Detroit Lions (7-8)

10. Green Bay Packers (7-8)

11. Carolina Panthers (6-9)

12. New Orleans Saints (6-9)

Through Week 17: Packers Were 8-8

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (7)

Once again, the Packers won – a 41-17 manhandling of Minnesota for a signature win – and got help. To have a chance, the Packers needed to win their final two games and the Commanders needed to lose one. With Washington coach Ron Rivera going back to Carson Wentz (for some reason), the Commanders lost at home to the Cleveland Browns. Deshaun Watson threw three touchdown passes and Wentz threw three interceptions.

Incredibly, the Packers had gone from four games out of the final wild-card spot to controlling their playoff destiny, even while still in ninth place in the NFC, because of the conference-record tiebreaker vs. seventh-place Seattle and the opportunity to beat eighth-place Detroit on Sunday night.

“It just takes one sometimes,” Rodgers said after the Minnesota game. “Kind of strange, but when we were sitting at 3-6 and I looked at the next three, at the time Tennessee was playing really well, obviously the Cowboys play well and Philly was No. 1 in the league. And I just felt like if we get one of those, we can win the next five and 9-8 was going to get in. I couldn’t really go around saying that because you don’t really want to say, ‘Hey, if we can just get one of these next three, we can make the playoffs.’ But in my head, that’s what I was thinking.

“Felt like we were going to beat the Bears; Rams at home was a good matchup for us; Miami was a wild card, I thought, and the last two at home, I thought, would be winnable even though Minnesota, obviously, has had a really good season. [Two] dome teams in the winter and just the way we’ve played over the years in December and January, our record is pretty damn good with me starting. Things you don’t count on: Keisean Nixon. I knew he was talented but maybe didn’t see game-breaker. Christian Watson. You know, at 3-6 he wasn’t a big part of the offense. So, that’s what you don’t account for and on paper it happens.”

Playoff Standings

1: Philadelphia Eagles (13-3, NFC East leader)

2: San Francisco 49ers (12-4, NFC West champion)

3: Minnesota Vikings (12-4, NFC North champion)

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8, NFC South champion)

5: Dallas Cowboys (12-4, wild card)

6: New York Giants (9-6-1, wild card)

7: Seattle Seahawks (8-8)


8: Detroit Lions (8-8)

9: Green Bay Packers (8-8)

Packers vs. Lions Preview

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (8)

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NFC Standings: Games 13-16

Lions Are Mad at Rodgers For Saying Something (9)

Cliff’s Notes: How did the Packers pass the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks in the race for the final playoff spot? Here are the NFC standings from the final four games.

1. Green Bay Packers: 4-0

1. San Francisco 49ers: 4-0

3. Detroit Lions: 3-1

3. Dallas Cowboys: 3-1

3. New Orleans Saints: 3-1

6. Minnesota Vikings: 2-2

(Video) Aaron Rodgers throws 3RD INT vs. Lions

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 2-2

6. Carolina Panthers: 2-2

6. New York Giants: 2-2

6. Philadelphia Eagles: 2-2

6. Los Angeles Rams: 2-2

12. Seattle Seahawks: 1-3

12. Atlanta Falcons: 1-3

14. Washington Commanders: 0-3-1

15. Chicago Bears: 0-4

15. Arizona Cardinals: 0-4

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What did rogers say about the Lions? ›

First, after the Packers, who were 3-5 at the time, lost to the 1-6 Lions, Rodgers threw some mild shade at Detroit, noting that “We can't lose a game like that against that team, though.” The perception being that Rodgers is saying you can't lose a game against an easy opponent.

What does Aaron Rodgers say before throwing the ball? ›

Identifying The Mike Linebacker

What is this? In the video above, Aaron Rodgers can be heard yelling “Green 19” before the ball is snapped, as he's using that as a rhythm cadence. We can also hear him talk to his center to identify who is the Mike.

What did Brett Favre have to say about Aaron Rodgers? ›

I just think that his football IQ is as good as anybody's that ever played the game,” Favre said of Rodgers. "Aaron's going to shatter every record out there if he continues to play. He's better now than he's ever been and shows no signs of slowing down,” Favre continued.

What did Rogers say about the Bears game? ›

The win gave the Packers the most wins of any franchise in NFL history. Following the contest, Rodgers continued to twist the knife into Bears fans, calling Soldier Field his "second home." Rodgers also saluted Bears fans during the game.

What did Rogers say about Chicago? ›

Here's what he said, via Fox Sports. "You never know when it's going to be the last one. They've got great fans here in Chicago, but it truly has been a second home for me. We've had a lot of big wins here over the years and a lot of great moments.

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Carl R. Rogers (1902–1987) is esteemed as one of the founders of humanistic psychology. He developed the person-centered, also known as client-centered, approach to psychotherapy and developed the concept of unconditional positive regard while pioneering the field of clinical psychological research.

What is the QB yelling? ›

When watching NFL games, it's common to hear the quarterback say White 80 before the ball is snapped. This can often be mistaken by viewers as “180”. Quarterbacks yell white 80 as a cadence to tell the center when to snap the football. When he says white 80, it lets the offense know he is ready to start the play.

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The term "blue 42" originated in American football. It is a code word used to indicate that the offensive team should run a play designed to go down the field and score a touchdown.

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Here's how "Omaha!" came to be: "The word 'Omaha,' in the audible sense, was kind of underwhelming," Manning said Saturday night. "We were looking for a three-syllable, rhythmic word that meant we were changing the play. It was just a few seconds on the clock, and the offensive line has to get ready now."

What does Tom Brady think about Aaron Rodgers? ›

What does Tom Brady think about Aaron Rodgers' career? "Aaron (Rodgers), in my belief, is spectacular," Brady said. "He can obviously continue to play and he has all the ability in the world to do that. And there's a lot of other things that come into play and he'll make that decision when it's right for him.

What made Aaron Rodgers mad? ›

Following a fourth-quarter three-and-out, after which the Packers called a timeout on third down to adjust the play call, Rodgers was seen coming over to the sideline clearly upset after their attempt on third down fell apart. The media could not be played.

Who did Aaron Rodgers say best player? ›

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed what he told Minnesota Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson following Sunday's loss when he called him the best player on the field at U.S. Bank Stadium in Week 1. The NFL caught the interaction post-game on Sunday, and Rodgers said it again Tuesday.

Why did they take Rogers out of the game? ›

Rodgers did not receive medical clearance after sustaining his second concussion of the season and was ruled out for Sunday night's game at New England.

What did Aaron Rodgers say vs the Bears? ›

"I still own you!" he yelled at Bears fans. "I still own you!" That didn't change this season, as the Packers advanced to 2-0 over the Bears with scores of 27-10 in Week 2 and 28-19 in Week 13. With that, Rodgers' record vs.

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Aaron Rodgers famously declared himself an unofficial owner of the Chicago Bears. At one point it appeared he was willing to give up his stake in the Bears and leave the Green Bay Packers via trade or retirement. Now it appears the four-time NFL MVP quarterback might be coming back to the Green Bay Packers.

Who did Aaron Rodgers say I own you too? ›

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has no regrets for saying 'I own you' to Bears fan. Your video will be available shortly. Nearly two months after yelling "I own you" in the direction of a Chicago Bears fan who reacted to his touchdown celebration with two middle fingers, Aaron Rodgers isn't backing down.

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Aaron Rodgers and his family have been estranged for a while now. Ever since Aaron Rodgers' brother Jordan appeared on The Bachelorette back in 2016, it has become clear that he no longer talks to his family.

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As some call it, the leg lift, or a back tap, is a simple way to send players in motion across the formation before the ball is snapped. It helps younger/newer players identify the motion and get in the correct position at the youth level.

How do football players go to the bathroom during the game? ›

"Guys are peeing all over the sideline in every game, into cups, on the ground, in towels, behind the bench, in their pants, everywhere," says Panthers center Ryan Kalil, who covered this topic and others in The Rookie Handbook, co-authored by Gross and Geoff Hangartner.

Why do quarterbacks say white 80? ›

What is White 80 Cadence? One of the most common cadences heard from quarterbacks just before the ball is snapped is White 80, which is often confused with '180', and is used to tell the center when to snap the football and let the offense know he is ready to start the play.

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Instead of calling out the snap count audibly, or using a silent count and accompanying hand signal, the ball is snapped at the clap of the quarterback's hands. The reason for doing it this way, Petersen said, is simple: Everyone on offense can hear it, regardless of how loud the stadium might be.

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The league has had one-way helmet communication since 1994. In 2008, the system expanded to add a defensive player. Nearly three decades since the NFL first put a speaker in a helmet, college football still hasn't followed suit.

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What is Aaron Rodgers' IQ? The aspiring host of Jeopardy supposedly has an IQ of 130. While the exact number is not confirmed, we know Rodgers scored a respectable 35 on his Wonderlic test during his NFL combine in 2005. He's also a "trivia freak," which makes sense, considering his affinity for Jeopardy.

Do Brady and rogers like each other? ›

In time, Rodgers said, a “friendship” formed between him and Brady. They are both Kentucky Derby enthusiasts, and for several years they would bring their own groups to Churchill Downs, sitting at adjoining tables. They've both participated in The Match, a charity golf tournament in June.

Who was Aaron Rodgers favorite team? ›

What was the dream college football team of Aaron Rodgers? The star QB reveals that his favorite team was Florida State.

What was Aaron Rodgers upset about? ›

Aaron Rodgers was 'pissed' about Matt LaFleur's late-game calls, but the two later hug after press conference. It was no secret Aaron Rodgers was upset with Matt LaFleur's playcalling near the end of regulation with the Packers and Cowboys tied at 28 and driving to potentially win the game Sunday.

What did Aaron Rodgers yell at the crowd? ›

Near the end of the game, Rodgers saluted the Chicago crowd. Last year, Rodgers shouted "I still own you" at Bears fans after scoring a late rushing touchdown to seal a 24-14 win.

Why do qbs say 319? ›

Aaron Rodgers always shouts out “Green 19” when he calls his teammates during Packers games, but fans often hear him say “319” on TV broadcasts. The call is part of the athlete's cadence and means “Green Bay Packer” in code language – Green 19 being the city where the team practices.

Who is the best QB of all time? ›

1. Dan Marino: 1984. Marino's 5,084 yards that season was 282 more yards than the second-highest total in league history at that time. His 48 touchdown throws that year was 16 more than the next-highest total in league annals.

Why do quarterbacks say green 19? ›

Quarterbacks often say “Green 18” in order to get their team ready for the next play. The term is derived from the color of the football jersey that a quarterback wears on offense.

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Rogers caught the ire of people all over the country in July when home phone, internet and mobile service cacked out for some 13 million of their customers, leaving businesses and consumers across Canada in the lurch for days.

Has Rogers been fully restored? ›

Following our previous updates, we have now restored services for the vast majority of our customers and our technical teams are working hard to ensure that the remaining customers are back online as quickly as possible.

What is Aaron Rodgers famous quote? ›

I want to be the best. I want to be counted on by my teammates. I want to be counted on by this organization and the fans. I want to be someone they know is going to bring it every single week.

What does Aaron Rodgers say before he snaps? ›

Sometimes there's other calls and communications before the “319” so it's a way of saying “okay we're done with all that here come the huts.” Should the Packers release Aaron Rodgers?

How many cars does Aaron Rodgers own? ›

As of the end of 2019, Aaron Rodgers owns five cars: a Ford Mustang sports car, a Ford pickup truck, a Tesla Car, a Chevrolet Camaro, and a Mercedes-Benz.

What NBA does Aaron Rodgers own? ›

Rodgers, who "owns the Chicago Bears," is a minority owner of the Bucks.

What franchises Does Aaron Rodgers own? ›

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has owned the Chicago Bears during his prolific career.

Did Calvin Johnson mention the Lions? ›

As expected, Hall of Fame receiver Calvin Johnson didn't thank the Lions organization during his induction speech.

Who backed up Rogers when he broke his collarbone? ›

The Packers' superstar quarterback appeared to land hard on his shoulder with Barr's weight driving him into the turf. When backup Brett Hundley came over to offer a "high-five," Rodgers was forced to answer left-handed.

Did the Detroit Lions kneel during national anthem? ›

Stafford joined running back Adrian Peterson and a handful of other teammates in kneeling for the anthem, while more than a dozen players retreated to the locker room during the song and others stood in unison on the field.

What is Aaron Rodgers record against the Lions? ›

Aaron Rodgers is 18-8 versus the Lions in his career.

Who is the greatest Detroit Lion of all time? ›

Top 10 Detroit Lions of all time
  1. Barry Sanders, RB, 1989-98.
  2. Calvin Johnson, WR, 2007-15. ...
  3. Joe Schmidt, MLB, 1953-65. ...
  4. Lem Barney, CB, 1967-77. ...
  5. Doak Walker, RB, 1950-55. ...
  6. Jack Christiansen, DB, 1951-58. ...
  7. Robert Porcher, DE, 1992-2003. ...
  8. Bobby Layne, QB, 1950-58. ...
Sep 23, 2022

How much money do Lions owe Calvin? ›

The Lions allegedly offered Johnson a deal in which he would earn $500,000 annually for three years of appearances, with the last $100,000 given as a charity donation. Johnson did not take the offer, and the issue goes unresolved five years later.

Who was the Detroit Lions best quarterback ever? ›

Matthew Stafford

How long does a quarterback have to be out with a broken collarbone? ›

The time for a player to return to play depends on how long it takes the bone to heal. Generally for a clavicle fracture, it can take 6 to 8 weeks for the bone to become fully solid. Then the athlete has to regain full strength of the shoulder.

Why is Rogers growing his hair? ›

2021. Promising signs began to surface entering the 2021 season. While reports alleged Aaron Rodgers began growing his hair out “for a Halloween costume,” it cannot be ruled out that he began growing long hair in direct response to our 2020 appeal via Davante Adams.

How long was Aaron Rodgers out with collar bone? ›

It wasn't solely Rodgers' decision to play, but no one pushed harder for it. Collarbones are fully healed after 12 weeks. It's been eight.

Who refused to stand for the national anthem? ›

Two decades before NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee during "The Star-Spangled Banner," it was former NBA player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf whose career and life dramatically changed after he refused to stand for the national anthem.

What MLB team did not kneel? ›

The Cardinals, along with the Pirates joined together around the field pregame holding a black cloth together before the national anthem. During the playing of the anthem, none of the Cardinals took a knee.

Why do football players kneel when someone gets hurt? ›

It started with youth soccer in the 1990s,? said Whiteford coach Jason Mensing. ? The coaches would have the players kneel so that they were not running all over the field when they were taking care of an injured player. There were no doctors or trainers at those games, so the coaches had to do it.

Which NFL team has Aaron Rodgers not beaten? ›

Green Bay Packers

What teams has Peyton Manning never lost to? ›

In 266 career NFL games over 18 seasons, there's only five teams that Peyton Manning never lost to. Those teams include the Arizona Cardinals (3-0), the Cleveland Browns (7-0), the Minnesota Vikings (4-0), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-0) and the Detroit Lions (4-0).

What is Aaron Rodgers record against Tom Brady? ›

Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady Records
PlayerCareer RecordPlayoff Record
Aaron Rodgers147-75-111-10
Tom Brady251-8235-13
7 days ago


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