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[VIDEO] plagiarism among digital artists (ft. RB Ochenta)#d2daffPlagiarism among artists often happens, but imagine the risk for our digital artists. The 21-year-old Ryan Brix Ochenta is a college student and sketch artist who recently made noise for her "Darna" sketch that inspired Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi's national costume.Jan 17, 202327:38nugagawen kung may someone else na siya?#d19cc9arf arf! si #LetterZender Kathryn na dog lover, forda iwan ng ka-talking stage n'ya dahil diumano sa Vet doctor ng dog n'ya? pighati level 9999.9!ghosting you for somebody is one thing... pero ghosting you for your dog's Vet doctor is out of this multiverse! samahan kami sa literal na kahayupang ghosting incident ng ating #LetterZender na si a.k.a Kathryn. ano naman kayang opinion at advice ng ating mga hosts na sina Yuan at Aaron sa unique na ghosting story na 'to? hmm...Dec 23, 202231:23[Halloween Special!] it's me. hi! i'm your son's girlfriend, it's me!#ca5710at dahil november nanaman nga, kung ano-anong elemento nanaman ang mapapanood natin sa KMJS at Rated K— may multo, aswang, engkanto, pero sa ating week's #LetterZender? sa nanay siya ng boyfriend n'ya may #ZcaryEncounter! pakinggan natin ang #ZcaryZtory ni Chey sa bahay ng kaniyang boyfriend... pero ano naman kayang advice ang meron si Yuan and JP para sa kakaibang story na 'to? hmm...Oct 28, 202227:26'pag tahimik, may balak (Taylor's Version)#cb6be6ang sabi nila "silence means yes," pero kung si Taylor Swift ay may Taylor's Version, may sarili ding version ng silence ang mga classmates ni Nelsie! isang Letter Zender (Nelsie) and humihingi ng tulong kay Yuan and JP dahil di umano'y may isa tayong KaheneraZyon ang pinag-bibintangan ng isang karumal-dumal na krimen! ano kaya 'to? hmm...Oct 21, 202224:25HALALAN 2022: USAPIN NG NAKARAAN, NGAYON AT KINABUKASAN (ft. Lanz) [Part 2 of 2]#975c8dInihahandog ng Henerasyon Z ang isang napakahalagang usapin tungkol sa nalalapit na halalan sa Pilipinas ngayong ikaw-siyam ng Mayo, taong 2022. Kumuha kami ng dalawang magrerepresenta sa dalawang pinaka-nangungunang kandidato sa pagka-presidente ayon sa mga survey na sina Bongbong Marcos (UniTeam) at Leni Robredo (Kakampink). Para sa ikalawang bahagi ng espesyal na programang aming inihanda ay pinaunlakan tayo ni Lanz Alarcon mula sa Kakampink upang sagutin ang mga katanungan ukol sa lipunan. Nairepresenta niya kaya nang maayos ang grupo na kaniyang pinapanigan? Taas noo ba siyang tumindig sa kaniyang ipinaglalaban? Samahan niyo kami sa isang makabuluhang diskusyon kasama ang ating mga host na sina Cyan, Sepia, at Red!HALALAN 2022—manaliksik, makialam, at tumindig para sa kinabukasan ng bayan!May 07, 202251:32HALALAN 2022: USAPIN NG NAKARAAN, NGAYON AT KINABUKASAN (ft. Emman) [Part 1 of 2]#d9af5dInihahandog ng Henerasyon Z ang isang napakahalagang usapin tungkol sa nalalapit na halalan sa Pilipinas ngayong ikaw-siyam ng Mayo, taong 2022. Kumuha kami ng dalawang magrerepresenta sa dalawang pinaka-nangungunang kandidato sa pagka-presidente ayon sa mga survey na sina Bongbong Marcos (UniTeam) at Leni Robredo (Kakampink). Para sa unang bahagi ng espesyal na programang aming inihanda ay pinaunlakan tayo ni Emman mula sa UniTeam upang sagutin ang mga katanungan ukol sa lipunan. Nairepresenta niya kaya nang maayos ang grupo na kaniyang pinapanigan? Taas noo ba siyang tumindig sa kaniyang ipinaglalaban? Samahan niyo kami sa isang makabuluhang diskusyon kasama ang ating mga host na sina Cyan, Sepia, at Red!HALALAN 2022—manaliksik, makialam, at tumindig para sa kinabukasan ng bayan!May 01, 202239:17idolo o delulu: obsessed yarn?!#ac3f21Once a fan, now an air conditioner—just kidding! Oh gosh, that is an old joke, age truly shows. Anyway, wecome back to another episode of Herasyon Z: Ang Podcast! For this one, we will talk about the life of being a fan or stan or whatever your fandom name is, and what it is like to idolize a public figure. As always, things aren’t just on the good side but on the bad side as well. There are countless reason how to become a fan of an artist or a celebrity, it ranges from their artistry, talent, job, to personality and physique. And numerous reasons why it can be a bad idea, like when it ends up with stalking, having an imaginary marriage, being possessive, and having an obsession. The question then comes in, does it make you or break you? Join Cyan, Sepia, and Red in the subject matter of taking inspirations from their idols and the toxicity that exists in the fan culture today.Apr 10, 202241:38kilometro: agos ng pangarap, pagitan ay dagat (ft. Bert Justine Narciso)#0fa5c6Sometimes, the waves can hit you so hard that it force you to retreat back to the shore, but, waves can also strengthen your stamina enough to fight your way across the sea. Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s guest for this episode has definitely proven the latter by his recent achievement. 19-year old Bert Justine Narciso is a swimmer from Albay who will be competing in his first triathlete on April 10, 2022. As part of the preparation for the said competition, Justine solely swam his #MyBestSwimHistory yet, last March 5 from Donsol, Sorsogon to Marigondon, Albay, with 11.8 kilometer distance that lasted for three hours and 38 minutes. With that, Justine was featured in different news outlets and became the talk of the country. His perseverance in achieving this feat became an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. Listen to Justine’s journey together with Cyan, Sepia, and Red as they dig deeper on the reality of being an athlete here in the Philippines. Bert Justine NarcisoGcash: 09491330924Apr 03, 202252:04[Women's HERstory Month] tindig ng kababaihan (ft. Donita Ganaden)#ff9c71Women are the cause of humanity. In the most literal context, women are the ones who gave birth to human race; without one means without us. The role women portray isn’t confined by just being a mother, they are workers, pioneers, innovators, etc. However, even if we lay down all of women’s purpose and their vitality, we still deal with the longtime patriarchal system of society which gives men more favor than women and leaves the former in consideration and domination while reservations and prejudice for the latter. “…I don’t think people understand how easy it is to infer that someone who is a female artist or a female in our industry is somehow doing something wrong by wanting love, wanting money, wanting success. Women are not allowed to want those things the way that men are allowed to want them,” said American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. It has been the afflicted reality of society, but that has to change and we are creating that change. As we celebrate Women’s History Month with Cyan, Sepia, Red, and a very special guest, Donita Ganaden, let’s raise a purple flag to recognize women’s strengths and empowerment.Mar 26, 202201:15:53karera at musika: minsan oo, minsan hindi (ft. El Mallari of Artikulo Kwatro)#1a4d2eIt really takes guts to pursue one’s passion. As people say, there are countless rejections along the way of aiming a single yes, yet, that shouldn’t hinder you to persevere. And in order to make someone believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first. It is ideal for us to believe that sacrifices and hard work always pay off in the right time, and it does. However, the fruit of labor isn’t always what you aimed to have, but rather what you subconsciously need like ventilation, peace of mind, and even finding your own identity. In this episode, join Cyan, Sepia, and Red with Artikulo Kwatro’s lead vocalist, El Mallari, as they entangle the challenges of pursuing a career as a musician in the Philippine music industry and the reality of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.Mar 20, 202251:26paalam, kaibigan#ff9f29Can you still remember the last time you said goodbye? Did it hurt? Does it still hurt? It seems to be basic and a humanly experience to tell someone goodbye, but the tricky thing is it’s always different every time. It changes with hopes and hopelessness, dreams and fears, known and unknown—it affects you differently whether that goodbye is something temporary or permanent. On the other hand, friendships can be considered as something innate to human life, something permanent and consistent on taking part in it. In this episode of Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast, we will discuss about friendships that were once found but eventually got lost in translation, the type of friendship you hoped could last forever but didn’t, and the childhood friends you could’ve kept if it weren’t for you having to move to another town. HZ Episode 10, “Paalam, Kaibigan…”, will touch the goodbyes Cyan, Sepia, and Red have said to people they were once friends with—the only heartache that can hurt more than breaking up with a significant other.Mar 13, 202234:20ABS-CBN VS GMA: telibisyon ng masang pilipino#ae4ccfIsn’t it nostalgic to look back on the television shows you used to watch back in the day? Shows that made you giggle off of your comfortable couch or terrified enough to make you run away from television screen? Do you still remember the actors and the name of the characters they portrayed that influenced you growing up? How about the way you fought with your siblings or cousins just to get a hold on the remote control and be able to watch what you want without anyone interfering? These are just some of the countless unforgettable moments you can remember in watching television. In the Philippines, there’s no doubt in the power of the two leading networks, ABS-CBN and GMA. They both shaped the entertainment experience of the country and continue to do so up to this day, while producing heart-wrenching series and fun-filled variety shows that are always certified to earn a spot in the hearts of the Filipinos. Listen to Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s episode “ABS-CBN VS GMA: Telibisyon ng Masang Pilipino” with hosts Cyan, Sepia, and Red as they unravel who is a Kapamilya and who is a Kapuso.Feb 27, 202250:54musika ang buhay na aking tinataglay (ft. Imoiliomi)#243763Hear the birds chirping—oops! This is not an ad from Spotify… Anyways, music has undeniably created a vital role in human life, hasn’t it? Lyrics that make you reflect on what you’ve been through, instruments that sway you off of your feet, and voices that feel like a representation of yours to the world. You travel with music, taking you to places you’ve never been whenever you religiously listen, painting the pictures in your imagination. But not only it takes you to a whole new world, it can also introduce you to who you are and who you want to be—just like Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s special guest for this episode, imoiliomi, who discovered her love of music to be her passion in life. imoiliomi is a cover artist on youtube who currently has a growing audience of 35,513 views and around 3,300 followers across her social media accounts. Let’s hear their worlds of music with hosts Cyan, Sepia, Red together with imoiliomi on Episode 8 | Musika Ang Buhay na Aking Tinataglay!Feb 20, 202251:14[SPG EPISODE] sexual exploration: mga kapokpokan at iba pa#ffebb7“SPG Episode | Sexual Exploration: Mga Kapokpokan at Iba Pa” is Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s first ever Special Episode wherein Red and Sepia tackle sexual exploration, preferences, fetishes and more. The hosts share personal experiences in sexual things and their perception to such taboo topics. Furthermore, it is also an episode of honesty, vulnerability, and the barest truth with no judgement—openly embracing the subject matter that is sex. Listen to the mind-blowing discussion of this generation’s sexual explorations. WARNING MATURE CONTENT⚠️Feb 06, 202223:16pelikula noon, buhay mo ngayon#ad8e70Life itself is a reel of kaleidoscope of memories down a youthful lane, something you can revisit piece by piece or tamper into pieces. When you watch a film, it’s like imprinting a frame of your life into that motion picture, reminding you of where you were, who you watched it with, and how it made you feel. An idea of deja vu’s occurrence will suddenly climb to your skin up to your head after you rewatch it, and it will all feel the same. Out of the hundreds of films you have watched, which one is your favorite? Did it influence who you are today? What does it tell about you? Is it you on the outside? Or the reason why you keep what’s on the inside? Share yours while Cyan, Sepia and Red share theirs on Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s fifth episode, “Pelikula Noon, Buhay Mo Ngayon.Jan 30, 202243:42young adult problems: sana all#37e2d5Years and years of spending within a lifetime; not the expenses, but the life and its time. At this stage of life, young adult to be specific, isn’t it tiring and exciting, simultaneously? Sometimes it feels like you know everything, then suddenly you’re knocked for six like an outsider who knows nothing about everyone’s so-called “future” (ilabas ang tarot, charot!). You desire many MANY things, then a second later you’ll realize that you want something else (indecisive yarn?). Most of the time, you seek the comfort of being alone just because there’s no difference even if surrounded by people (kinig ka kay Lauv). Lastly, you’ve witnessed thousands of stories about betrayals and friendships that come and go, enough to possess trust issues in commitments. Truly, no one, as in NO ONE, can be exempted from such feelings in this generation and in this day and age. But, you have to always remember that you are as capable of overcoming young-adulthood. In this episode, you’ll hear Cyan, Sepia, and Red’s YOUNG ADULT PROBLEMS and their respective path in making the rest of it into a history.Jan 23, 202246:04brb, pahinga lang#c70a80Quite a challenging life, isn’t? There is no doubt about the gifts along the life that was given, but have you ever been in a place where no compass due North and no clock dictates day or night? A moment in your life that you feel like giving up, like you are an untaken care of fragile little thing in this fast-paced world—the impression of not feeling the time moving as if you are lost in the most figurative and literal sense. The days drag you throughout its frame, the weeks douse the passing months, and a year doesn’t feel like how it used to a decade ago; and one question left hanging behind the edges of the cliff, when will you be able to escape? Listen to Henerasyon Z: Ang Podcast’s new episode, “BRB, Pahinga Lang,” as Aine, Cyan, and Red talk about their lives and the chapters where they knew they needed a break.Jan 16, 202244:02sino ka ba?!#fbcb0b“Episode 1: Paglingon Sa Nakaraan At Pagtanaw sa Kinabukasan” was truly a surreal experience filled with significant discussions for Henerasyon Z’s hosts Cyan, Sepia, and Red. Here on our second episode, we will dig deep into the (dark?) past, (evolving) present and (dream-filled) future of our hosts; introducing and exploring the diverse characters behind the voices of this podcast. Have you ever asked yourself who you are? Are you entangled with the mistakes of your past?Can you recognize yourself enough to have a grip and navigate your present? Or are you lost with no compass to your future? As Mga Kahenerasyon learn more about Cyan, Aine, and Yuan, who seemingly know who they are, do you know who you are? SINO KA BA?!Jan 09, 202242:32Bagong Taon 2022: Paglingon sa Nakaraan at Pagtanaw sa Kinabukasan#6764b1As we welcome the new beginnings of 2022, what else is left to do in its very first one other than to reminisce the things that happened and remember our individual formative takeaways from 2021. From loneliness and aloneness to achievements and embarking the journey to letting go of others and setting yourself free, the year before isn’t different from the ones that had come and pass, yet every single one teaches lessons that are as rare as a comet in the sky. Listen to Red, Sepia, and Cyan’s take on the things they left behind and the armors they will carry in their heart and mind as they face another revolution around the sun.Jan 02, 202240:12
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