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The public is introduced to several people from the Cotswolds region of England through Amazon Prime’s Clarkson’s Farm, including Gerald Cooper

The farmer’s connection to Jeremy Clarkson, who recruited him to work on his farm, allowed him to appear on television. Gerald has a strong relationship with his employer in addition to the many duties he is responsible for.


His lovable nature has also won him many fans among the viewers of the documentary show. Of course, Gerald’s admirers want to know more about him and where he is now.

If you are in the same situation, don’t worry – we are here for you!


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Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): Who is he?

It is interesting to note that Gerald Cooper was first observed by onlookers while he was repairing the drywall that was supposed to keep Jeremy’s sheep inside.


The animals simply ignored the previously defined boundaries, tearing down the wall in the process. It turns out Gerald’s connection to the Diddly Squat Farm is nothing new, as the ‘Top Gear’ star worked there before deciding to make farming his new career.

In his conversation with Gerald, the latter claimed the former was a “character”, leading Jeremy to believe the man would become a hit on TV. The celebrity has developed a close bond with the neighborhood farmer, though his thick West Country accent makes him difficult to understand.


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With more than 50 years of experience, Gerald is anything but a bore when it comes to working in agriculture, even in his 70s. When it came time for Jeremy to harvest his first crop, he even helped Jeremy with the grain harvest.

However, problems arose when Jeremy did not follow Gerald’s instructions, resulting in the loss of part of the crop. Despite this, Gerald was responsible for the safety of Diddly Squat Farm due to his skills and his relationship with his employer.


His tasks include maintaining the various boundary walls, erecting the necessary electric fences and making sure that the cattle don’t escape. Many people naturally assumed that Gerald and Kaleb Cooper were related because they share the same last name. However, they were found to be unconnected.

Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): Where is he?

Gerald Cooper appears to be employed by Jeremy Clarkson at the time of this writing. The Englishman who serves as security chief seems to enjoy his life in the country and is a great farmer.


He has undoubtedly continued to lead an active lifestyle despite his age. Because of his relationship with Jeremy and his general outlook on life, many people have been pretty vocal about how much they like the man.

Gerald seems to want to keep his personal life private and isn’t very active on social media. While some people may be frustrated that they didn’t get a chance to learn more about his day-to-day activities, his devoted supporters probably won’t be shocked by his disappearance from the internet.


Given his pivotal role in the first two seasons of the Amazon Prime series, Gerald’s television career doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon. We hope the best for him and his family and that they have a wonderful future ahead of them.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that viewers are keen to learn more about the people doing their best to support Jeremy Clarkson in his farming endeavours, given that Clarkson’s Farms on Amazon Prime engages viewers with all kinds of people made known.


Two of the most well-known names in modernism are the Cooper brothers, Gerald and Kaleb. They have all supported the High Gear emblem in a variety of ways throughout their careers.

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However, there are many individuals who just can’t help but assume something about the relationship between these two men.


Ever since the documentary series first aired, people have been interested to know if the two are actually connected. We’re here now to bring you exactly the solutions you need.

Gerald Cooper (Clarkson's Farm): Where Is He Now? Bio, Wiki, Age, Fan, Career, Family And More » H-Town News (1)

Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): Family

People also made comments about how they seemed connected and how they worked in the same field, all pointing to the possibility of an organic connection between the two parties. In fact, some viewers have questioned whether or not Gerald is Kaleb’s biological father.


But Kaleb has often confessed that he and Gerald are in no way connected. As both work for Jeremy Clarkson, the two have developed strong relationships.

Those who watch the show have great admiration for each of them as well as the way they work alongside the person who previously hosted Who Desires to Be a Millionaire. Due to their shared sense of camaraderie, they likely improved their connection by becoming accustomed to Jeremy’s farming style.


Due to the fact that they both shared the same last name, people kept making assumptions about their relationship. Aside from the fact that they all work on the same farm, the only similarity between the members of the Amazon Prime team seems to be that they all call the same place home.

The passion for agriculture and nature drives them both and is reflected in their work. Together they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience and as a result Jeremy is now able to run a farm in a way that is not a complete failure.


Gerald Cooper: At Clarkson’s Farm

The reason Kaleb and Jeremy first crossed paths was because Jeremy decided to hire help to domesticate his farm. Due to his hard work and innate concern for the environment, the younger was soon promoted to overseer at Diddly Squat Farm.


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The first time the audience saw Gerald was when he was repairing a drywall that Jeremy’s sheep had destroyed.

While Clarkson is doing his best to learn as much as possible about running his farm, he is unable to complete some… or nearly all… of the necessary tasks. As a result, he has hired trusted helpers from the likes of Kaleb.


Gerald Cooper helps Clarkson repair fences and walls needed to protect his animals, including his sheep. A combine harvester is also used by him to help with grain harvesting on his acres of land.

According to Clarkson, the man is in his 70s and worked for the farmer who used to farm on Clarkson’s property. He is now enjoying the time he spends with Clarkson.


“I spoke to Gerald who has been responsible for mixing the crops on the farm for the last 50 years.

He has such a personality, so I had little doubt that he could be fantastic on TV.


Viewers found it funny when Jeremy responded to Gerald mumbling, as throughout the duration of the series, Jeremy had trouble understanding what Gerald was saying due to his heavy accent. This concept was perfectly illustrated when Gerald helped Clarkson consolidate his property.

Gerald, operating the combine, shouted orders at Clarkson, but Clarkson could not understand a word he was saying, causing Clarkson to be late and losing a significant percentage of his crop.


Gerald Cooper (Clarkson's Farm): Where Is He Now? Bio, Wiki, Age, Fan, Career, Family And More » H-Town News (2)

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Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): Career

Gerald’s fans have such a strong and enduring love for him that they created an official Gerald fan account. The account hasn’t been active for long, although only 21 people are currently following it. The following is a list of what the bio contains:

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a profile created by a fan in honor of Gerald Cooper (of Clarkson’s Farm). are able to carry out safety-related tasks. speaks two completely different languages. But I’m not the real Gerald.

Go to @GeraldCooperCN to enter.


Additionally, supporters of the person have expressed their respect and gratitude on Twitter.

I’m not sure what Gerald is talking about, but Caleb is one of the most talkative people I’ve ever met when I saw Clarkson’s Farm. The current celebrities are Gerald and Caleb.


At Clarkson’s Farm, Gerald is a true hero in every sense of the word.

I’m now working my way through your entire collection in one go as I like Clarkson’s Farm so much. Currently, Caleb is the big star and Gerald is becoming quite the odd character.


Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): Fan

Gerald Cooper with one of his fans.

Gerald Cooper (Clarkson’s Farm): More details

  • Gerald disappeared for some time during the height of the epidemic for reasons that may or may not be known. However, Clarkson stressed that Gerald has never missed a harvest and that he didn’t miss this year’s harvest either.
  • The stable member who is fast becoming a fan favorite is likely Gerald Cooper, who serves as “head of security” at Clarkson’s farm.
  • Because of the hilarious scenes in the popular Amazon Prime series, in which Jeremy Clarkson, former High Gear host, tries (and fails) to understand Gerald’s strong country accent, fans have fallen in love with Gerald and want more of him see.
  • On Diddly Squat in Oxfordshire, Gerald assists Jeremy with the grain harvest and with the construction and maintenance of the various sections of the farm where Jeremy keeps his animals.
  • More information on the police warning to Jeremy Clarkson about the Diddly Squat expansion can be found here.
  • According to Jeremy, Gerald, who is believed to be in his fifties and has been cultivating most of his life
  • This about Gerald was mentioned by Clarkson in an interview he gave to Farmers Weekly. Gerald, he says, “has been leading the combining on the farm for 50 years”.
  • “He’s such a personality, I knew he could be loveable on TV,” he concluded.

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Where is Gerald from Clarkson's farm? ›

Gerald has worked at Diddly Squat Farm for 50 years and Jeremy claims Gerald has never left the small village of Chadlington, which is specifically where the farm is located. That might explain why the farmer has such a thick West Country accent.

How old is Gerald from Clarkson's farm? ›

One of which includes long-running farmer, Gerald, who often comes to give Jeremy a helping hand, however, the 62-year-old usually has no idea what he's saying.

What is Kaleb salary Clarkson's farm? ›

“But, I worked out the other day how much my hourly rate is. I pay myself 50p an hour so then I can make money. But if I put myself at £10 an hour I don't make money, I lose money on the calves." He continued: "My main goal is by far to buy my own farm, you know, and then that is where the dream is.

Why does Gerald talk like that? ›

Diddly Squat Farm where Gerald has worked for half a century is located in Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds. More specifically, it is in the small village of Chadlington which, according to Jeremy, Gerald has never left. This would most likely explain why the farmer has such a thick West Country accent.

Who owns clarksons farm? ›

When did Jeremy Clarkson buy the farm? The former Top Gear presenter bought the farm in 2008, which until 2019, had been taken care of by a local villager. Clarkson then decided to have his turn at running the site seeing the launch of Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime Video.

What is Clarkson's farm doing now? ›

According to Variety, Clarkson won't be starring in any new series after 2024, so it's unlikely that we'll see more of the Grand Tour presenter on Prime Video in the future.

What is Kaleb Cooper doing now? ›

Kaleb announced his engagement to long-term girlfriend Taya on Boxing Day, 2022. The couple have a son, Oscar, and announced in November 2022 that they were expecting another baby.

Who is Jeremy Clarkson's current partner? ›

Jeremy Clarkson

Who is Kaleb Cooper's wife? ›

Kaleb announced his engagement on Instagram last year after a Christmas Day proposal. Kaleb, aged 24, is engaged to girlfriend Taya after six years together.

Why does Gerald leave? ›

Gerald leaves, almost immediately after the Inspector asks "were you in love with her?" and Sheila exclaims “just what I was going to ask!” His leave could be to avoid the question, which he doesn't answer and therefore he may have genuinely loved her.

What kind of person is Gerald? ›

Gerald is described as 'an attractive chap about thirty, rather too manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well-bred young man-about-town'. Mr Birling is very pleased that Gerald is getting engaged to Sheila because his family are upper-class business owners, Mr Birling hopes they can join forces in business.

How does Gerald behave? ›

He is said to be, _'well-bred', _because his family are wealthy aristocrats. In the beginning, Gerald comes across as a charming and confident man. He jokes with Mr Birling and mocks Eric's behaviour; accusing him of being responsible for the Inspector calling. As the play progresses so does his character.

What farmers think of Clarkson's farm? ›

FARMERS in Cumbria said hit-show Clarkson's Farm has been 'absolutely fantastic' for the industry. The popular first season starring former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was hailed for highlighting issues previously unknown to the public that farmers have to deal with every day.

Who owned diddly squat farm before Clarkson? ›

Diddly Squat Farm

The farm was formerly part of the Sarsden estate in Oxfordshire. Jeremy Clarkson bought about a thousand acres (4 km2) in 2008, including Curdle Hill Farm.

Who does cheerful Charlie work for? ›

Charlie is Clarkson's land agent and advisor, and was hired in 2019 after Jeremy set his heart on running his own farm. His job is to advise Clarkson on how to run his farm, ranging from telling him where to plant certain crops to what the financial budget looks like for the year.

Is Kaleb Cooper a real farmer? ›

Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper, 24, is a farming contractor who had never left his hometown when he was employed in a central advisory role to Jeremy Clarkson in the Prime Video series.

Has Kaleb Cooper got his own farm? ›

He does 18 hours a day, every day." Much of the joy of the show is watching Kaleb frustratedly teach Clarkson the fundamentals of farming, with the broadcaster trading in expensive cars for costly livestock as he attempts to farm the 1,000 acres of land he owns in the Cotswolds.

Do farmers like clarksons farm? ›

Their comments varied from “vile” to “going a bit far”. One (male) farmer said the majority of people “generally agree” with Clarkson, and he's done “a lot of good for farming”.

Has Jeremy Clarkson closed his farm? ›

Jeremy Clarkson has closed his Diddly Squat farm restaurant after a series of spats with neighbours. According to locals in nearby Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, the area has been plagued by traffic since the opening of the restaurant.

Did Kaleb leave Clarkson's farm? ›

Clarkson Farm star Kaleb Copper left Diddly Squat farm after Jeremy Clarkson's “stupidest idea yet.” Jeremy Clarkson revealed that his recent ideas to boost income on his Oxfordshire farm made his land agent 'roll his eyes'.

What does Jeremy Clarkson do for a living now? ›

He has written humorous books about cars and several other subjects, with many of his books being collections of articles that he has written for The Sunday Times.

Are Caleb and Gerald related Clarkson's farm? ›

Is Kaleb Cooper related to Gerald Cooper? Despite the coincidence of the two Chipping Norton locals working together on Clarkson's Farm, the pair are not related.

Are Kaleb Cooper and Gerald related? ›

Kaleb Cooper and Gerald Cooper have confirmed in public that they are not related, despite sharing the same family name. The question about their relationship came as a surprise to them, but they cleared it up in an interview by stating that they are not related by blood.

Is Kaleb an actor? ›

Darius Kaleb is an American actor and musician that achieved recognition through his role in the Netflix original Luke Cage, as well as playing parts in multiple shows on Broadway. Kaleb also featured in a Japanese live show tour as a fictional Michael Jackson.


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