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Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (1)Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (2)Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (3)Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (4)Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (5)Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford - Guilford, Connecticut - Realself (6)

1205 Boston Post Rd., Guilford, Connecticut

Medical Director: Stephen A. Brown, MD


Clarity Medical Aesthetics - Guilford

1205 Boston Post Rd., Guilford, Connecticut

Medical Director: Stephen A. Brown, MD



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Rational778499May 25, 2021Amazing PDO Threadlift - No Pain and Results Get Better and Better As Time Goes onAmazing !! Had a PDO thread lift 5 months ago- was nervous - but Kati assured me that it is minimal pain, minimal downtime and well worth it .. she was 1000% right !- it is the gift that keeps on giving my cheeks are looking more and more defined and lifted as the months go on due to increased collagen production - looks like I have just gotten filler and have not . Lifted , refreshed ,...kmk989February 11, 2021Something Special Happening HereI have been seeing Kati for three years now for Botox and filler. She is smart and thorough with an eye for beauty and its virtually painless with her touch. I had filler in my laugh lines two years ago and it’s still doing its job! Well worth it and to have someone to trust when it comes to injectables is priceless! Kati does not disappoint, every time I leave Clarity I am feeling fresh, b...Rational778499January 16, 2021A skilled and caring injectorI have been going to Kati for years. She is by far the best injector I have ever been to. She listens, takes time to hear what you want and what your budget is and gives her input which is always real and honest and on the money. She is not only the most skilled injector I have been to she’s one of the kindest, most generous, hilarious people I know.She is so down to earth and sweet, unlike s...mallamarsApril 13, 2020Katie listensTo you. Then she will share her professional opinion based on years of experience and she travels the country learning about the new procedures and medical aesthetic details. Kati is asks to speak and train others in her areas of Expertise. Knowing facial anatomy helps her help you with your procedure decision. To top it off Kati is one of the warmest , kindest and very funny. You'll feel...mick12December 5, 2019Katie is the best on the shoreline hands downKatie is the best on the shoreline hands down and she's an awesome person! It's a guarantee that every time you go see her for a treatment you get top of the line. Every time you go in there it's like you're walking into her living room. But the bottom line is she's an expert in her field, she's well known as one of the best in Connecticut.

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Q: Is this even remotely normal after CoolSculpting? I had 3 or 4 sessions of CoolSculpting under my neck.

Answered by Kathryn Midgley, PA-CMarch 23, 2019

A: It appears to me that you have had a significant result from your Coolsculpting, After you reduce the fat, your skin can appear lax. This can result in these lines- which I presume is worse when you lift your head, as in the photo. When your head is in neutral, or looking straight ahead, your skin may appear to sag. This lax skin may be treated with surgery, or various skin tightening measures. Your best non-surgical fix to this may be a series of Facetite,Morpheus8, Profound or Fractora. These techniques are quite effective at tightening lax skin non-surgically. I hope this helps.

Q: Fillers for hollow upper eyelid? I'm 43 years old and my upper eyelid is very sunken (only my right eye).

Answered by Kathryn Midgley, PA-CMarch 23, 2019

A: This is an amazing procedure if done right. The results can last well over a year- even with a simple hyalouronic acid filler! I typically use Restylane or Restylane Refyne in this space. Trying to find an experienced provider can be difficult. I would seek out an occuloplastic surgeon, or very experienced injector. Dr. Steven Mulholland in Toronto must perform this procedure. Maybe try a consult with him. If he doesn’t, Connecticut is a nice place to visit in the Spring/Summer. Best of luck.

Q: Is pain in your cheek, around your eye, and up to your eyebrow normal after Restylane cheek fillers? (photo)Answered by Kathryn Midgley, PA-CMarch 23, 2019A: I am hoping that you are better at this point. I wanted to answer your question because I think it’s a good one. First, filler placed deeply on the cheekbone can hurt (feel like a bruise) for weeks. Tenderness andfluctuating swellingcan last the entire duration that a bruise is present or even longer. Pain can radiate along nerve pathways or in the entire area of injection. You did the right thing by icing and taking Tylenol. Don’t ever be afraid to go back to your provider for follow up or reassessment. You just paid a lot of money for this procedure and you have the right to ask any and all of your questions. Ask why she used more on one side - maybe you needed more on that side.

Q: Under eye filler extremely uneven! How do I get this fixed? (photos)

Answered by Kathryn Midgley, PA-CMarch 23, 2019

A: Such a tough area, even for seasoned injectors. First, it is important to establish whether your eyes were symmetrical prior to injections. Was one tear trough worse than the other? Did he compensate for that? Also, the differences in product is significant because Juvederm is more hydrophilic (pulls more fluid into the area and holds onto the fluid). I do typically use Restylane in this area, but worldwide Juvederm is often used by talented providers. Both can work. It this point, and the lighting of your photos, it is hard to truly appreciate the issues, but if you are still unhappy you can easily have the product reversed. The product used, Juvederm, may require the reversal multiple times in stages. Hope this helps.

Q: Filler for gummy smile that is more pronounced on right than left? (photos)

Answered by Kathryn Midgley, PA-CMarch 23, 2019

A: Such pretty lips! You have great shape to your lips. Filler is not always the best answer for agummy smile. I would recommend starting with well placed Botox to limit the rise of your gums on either side. Given that you are asymmetrical, it may take different amounts in different areas to achieve the proper result. This is not the ‘standard’ injection - put the same amount evenly on both sides. After symmetry is achieved, filler can be used to augment the lip,provide detail and size. This is worth trying first. Go slowly in steps to find the best answer. Slow and steady wins the race.


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