Best Good Afternoon Messages for Her in 2023 - Sweet Love Messages (2023)

What do you say to a message popping up on your woman’s phone on a sunny or cool afternoon?

Women are known to be moved by words and a romantic afternoon text to her from her man would definitely shoot her to the highest heaven.

Do you know that an encouraging message would lift her spirit if she is having a not-so-good day?

How about inspiring ones that get her smiling and fill her with ideas?
Or a simple text that is romantic, encouraging and inspiring, all at once?

I know what women want and need and I have done the task of framing them into sweet words.
Here, for you, are the very best good afternoon messages for your woman.

I’m a woman and I love these messages! And since I’m a woman supporting other women, I know your woman would also love these messages!

So, make your choice from these updated best and romantic good afternoon messages for her in 2023 and beyond. Surprise and wow your woman – your girlfriend or wife.
And of course, make it a habit; it’s a good one.

Cheers to an excellent choice!

Romantic Good Afternoon Love Messages for Girlfriend or Wife

Sending these sweet romantic good afternoon text messages to your girlfriend or wife will mean more than just checking on her at work or wherever she may be. Use the good afternoon love messages for her to make her smile and feel special.

1. Dreaming of having a perfect person went on for a long time until you came along. And though you tell me that you are not perfect, your imperfections are. And I love you. Good afternoon, baby

2. The love of my life, I hope you are having the best of afternoons, now. Do you know that I love you so much? Well, now you know. Good afternoon, love.

3. We’ve been apart for only hours and it’s as though the weight of the whole world lies on my shoulders. I miss you so much. Good afternoon, sugar pie.

4. A good afternoon is what I wish for you at this moment, darling, even though I wish you are right here in my arms.

5. The day is so bright and beautiful, but not complete and perfect, just because you are not here with me. Good afternoon, my darling.

6. Good afternoon, my darling. I hope the day is going fine as always. Enjoy the rest of your day and make sure you take care of yourself. I love you.

7. See how today’s noon is just as bright as you are. How’s the day going? I’m just checking on you. Be sure to stay safe. Have a pleasant afternoon.

8. On this beautiful afternoon with the sun right above my roof, all I can think of is you and how I want you by my side. Good afternoon, baby.

9. My beautiful one, with this scorching sun, on this day, I want you all to myself. Good afternoon, my beautiful one. When are you coming over?

10. Believe me when I tell you, my darling, that even the sun in all its glory this sunny afternoon is envious of the light that you radiate. Good afternoon, my love.

11. I wish that the day would be over already. I want to have you beside me as soon as possible. Don’t miss me too much. I’m doing the missing. Have a great afternoon.

12. A very good and pleasant afternoon to the most important person in my life. You’re awesome and I love you.

13. Knowing that each day, you would ask me how my day went inspires me to put my best into the day. You’re my muse. Good afternoon, love.

14. A bad yesterday doesn’t determine a new day, today. You can do your best and be better. Good afternoon.

15. I do hope that you’d be strengthened to take on the rest of the day as effectively as you should. Going afternoon, dear.

16. To a person so dear to my heart, may favour and all good things locate you today. Good afternoon, dear.

17. I have recently realized that I wouldn’t find anyone who would love me as you do. Thanks for always being here. Good afternoon.

18. It doesn’t matter how old we grow together. You, my lovely and loving wife will always remain my baby girl. And I love you, baby. Good afternoon.

19. A blessed afternoon filled with lots of laughter is what I wish for you, my darling. Good afternoon, dear.

20. Sweetheart, you know you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, right? This is another reminder. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you so much. Good afternoon, sweetheart.

21. Babe. How are you doing today? And how has your day been? I hope you have plans for lunch already. I’m just checking on you. Good afternoon, dear.

22. Irrespective of how yesterday went, do your best and make the most of today. I have trust in your ability, darling. Good afternoon.

23. Daily, I remember how blessed I am to have someone who cares for me this much. And I’ll never trade you for anything. Good afternoon, baby.

24. You know, sweetie, I am so glad that you are mine and no one else’s. And we will be together forever. Good afternoon, Honey.

25. I know that yesterday was a not-so-good day, but that doesn’t mean there would be a repetition today. The day is still young and I trust you to make the most of it. Good afternoon, baby.

26. Today is a new day. Get started and do your best. And God will definitely crown your efforts with good success.

27. A very pleasant afternoon to the love of my heart and to the holder of my heart. I love you so much.

28. Darling, I’m making a toast right now and it’s to everything beautiful that will befall you today. Just checking on you, dear. Good afternoon.

29. You are lovely, with a beautiful heart and form. Tonight, I can wait to be with you. Good afternoon, baby.

30. The love of my life, I hope you are enjoying your day and that you are working well, too. See you later tonight, dear. I’m just checking on you. Good afternoon.

31. Your strength amazes me, darling. You’re one hell of a strong woman. And I celebrate you today, as always. Good afternoon, my superwoman.

32. I am so blessed to have you in my life. And I will always do my best to make you happy and your days beautiful. Good afternoon, my love.

33. I’ll always cheer you on. When there is none else, you will always have my support. We are one and whatever affects you, baby affects me. I love you, baby. Good afternoon.

34. I’m always at this side of the lane, baby, rooting for you. You have my support today, as always. Good afternoon, love.

35. I honestly see how hard you work, baby. Believe me, you’d enjoy the profits of your sweat. Keep working hard, baby. I’m rooting for you.

36. You came to me and swept every form of sorrow and depression away. My darling, you are light and love and I’ll always be yours. Good afternoon.

37. Baby, the best of things is yet to happen to us. While we work for today, we’ll continually hope for a better tomorrow. Good afternoon, love.

38. To my beautiful Queen, I hope you are doing really good on this day. I just wanna check on you. Good afternoon, love.

39. My sweetheart, please, come home earlier, today. I miss you already and can’t wait to have you in my arms. Good afternoon, love.

40. I hope the weather is treating you nice, today. Do enjoy the rest of the day. Good afternoon, dear.

41. Come on! Come on. Work on, dear. The day is not over yet. And I have confidence in what you are capable of. Good afternoon, love.

42. Sweetheart, I just had the lunch you packed for me. What can I say, you are the best! Thanks for always looking out for me. I love you, my dear wife.

43. My darling wife, we have barely been apart for half a day and I can already feel this ache in my heart because you are not near. I love you.

44. Darling, what would I do without your love? It intoxicates me and I’m so addicted. I love you so much.

45. Sweetheart, I wish you pleasant noonday filled with a lot of goodies. Good afternoon, sweets.

46. To the one I love with every fibre of my being, you are God’s gift and I love you, deeply. Good afternoon, my love.

47. My precious one, you know I’ll do anything for you. I’m glad that you will do the same. Let’s forever be in love.

48. I will never give you up for gold or wealth. I’ll keep working towards making us work. This is because I love you so much. Good afternoon, baby

49. The best of your achievements are yet to come, sweets. Today, you are one day close to them. Good afternoon, love.

50. What will I ever do without the spice you alone have brought to my life? You’ve taken boredom away and brought so much life and fun. Good afternoon, baby.

51. You’re one of a kind, baby. You are so rare and I know I can’t afford to lose you to anything. Good afternoon.

52. I remember the look in your eyes as we set out for the day earlier this morning, and I’m sure that your day would be a good one, my dear wife. Good afternoon.

53. Sweetheart, right now, I’m missing you so much. It’s true that you’ve gone for hours only. But, I really wish we can be together right now. I love you.

54. Baby, I have plans for dinner already and you’re gonna love it! I’ll be cooking today because I know you’d be tired when you come home. I can’t wait to see the surprise on your face! Good afternoon, baby.

55. I hope that your day is going as pleasant and beautiful you are. I love you so much, baby. Good afternoon.

56. Baby, I know you are busy now, but can you step out for a minute? Have you seen the box of chocolate at your door? You’re welcome and I love you. Enjoy your chocolate and the rest of the day, my chocolate.

57. So, I haven’t seen my baby in hours and I think she’s worthy to get a text right about now. Good afternoon, darling. I hope the day is going as planned.

58. Whatever show of love you get from me comes becomes you deserve it. I wish I can do more cos you actually deserve more. I love you, always, baby. Good afternoon.

59. The table is set, baby. I’m waiting for you at our favourite restaurant. I have a surprise for you for lunch. Come on, here. See you soon, love.

60. You’re the one I chose and the one I love. I’ll always do anything for your sake and happiness. I hope you are doing good, today. Good afternoon, dear.

61. Sweetness! Yes. That’s what you are, baby. You are sweet and have brought every form of sweetness into my life. And baby, I’ll never let go. Good afternoon, sweetie.

62. Embrace this new day and forge ahead with all of your plans. You will enjoy the proceeds of today. Good afternoon, love.

63. It’s a pleasant afternoon, darling, isn’t it? And I’m sure you are doing good. Make sure you bring out the best from this day. Good afternoon, love.

64. Baby, I do hope that you do not see this day like all others. Enjoy all tasks set for today and end the day fulfilled. Cheers, baby girl.

65. Be dedicated to your duties and watch your results speak for you. You will profit, baby. Good afternoon and enjoy today.

66. Baby, always remember that we are now one. Today, while working, take care of yourself for me. I’ll always love you, dear. Good afternoon.

67. I do hope that you are encouraged and that you enjoy every business laid out for today. I’ll see you later in the evening, love. Good afternoon.

68. No need to fret, sweetheart. The day will turn out better than planned, I promise. You are dearly loved and cared for. Good afternoon, darling.

69. I would have loved to come over to join you for lunch, but I’d be stuck in traffic when the lunch break is over. But then, don’t miss me too much. I love you, baby. Good morning.

70. May your day be so stress-free that you come home relaxed. Have a blessed day ahead, love.

71. You have all of today’s wins, baby girl. You can do better than you know or imagine. I’m your number one fan, always. Good afternoon, sugar. I love you.

72. Baby, can you take some minutes off work and come have lunch with me? I promise to take your breath away. I’ll be at our usual spot. See you soon, baby.

73. You’re just my baby girl for life and I’ll always choose you over all others. You’re the best. Good afternoon, my bestie and baby girl.

74. Cheers to hard work, baby girl. But, it’s a good afternoon, so chill and relax a bit before you go back to work. All work and no play is no good. Good afternoon, baby.

75. This is coming just to check on you, baby. I hope you are doing well and that your day is going according to plan. Good afternoon.

76. I know that I’m always safe with you. And because you are on the other side, cheering me on, I can go through each day. Good afternoon, love.

77. ‘Cos I love you, I’ll do and give all for you. You love me and chose me too. So, I’ll always cherish you. Good afternoon, sweetie.

78. With each passing day, I’ve come to notice that you’ve improved in coming through with all your days. It’s a good habit and this afternoon would be no different. Well done, dear. Good afternoon.

79. Being separated from you even for hours breaks my heart. And I’m only relieved when you are once again, by my side. I love you, dear.

80. It really doesn’t matter how your morning went. Your afternoon will be better for it. Good afternoon, love.

81. Sweetheart, I have never wondered what life would be without you because I know I won’t be able to survive it. I love you so much. Good afternoon, baby.

82. My sugar pie, how are you doing? You didn’t have breakfast and so I want to believe that you have had lunch or plans for lunch already. Take care of your self. Good afternoon, sugar.

83. It’s a beautiful afternoon, darling and how is it going over there? I miss you already. Good afternoon, dear.

84. Your beauty makes me speechless. Your awesomeness makes my breath catch in my throat. I’m gonna love you forever, baby. Good afternoon.

85. You darling, are one of the reasons I wake up, pursuing another day. I want you really proud of me. And that you don’t regret being with me. Good afternoon, lovely.

86. I really love you, baby. Just a few hours away from your presence is getting me dizzy. When next are we gonna see, huh? Good afternoon, love.

87. The way you love me leaves me wondering if I actually deserve it. Heck! I don’t. But I’m glad and grateful that you love me.

88. Our love is pure and undiluted. And we will last forever. Because it will always be you for me and me for you. Good afternoon, love.

89. It’s gonna be a bright day ahead, darling. I hope everything is going smoothly, today? Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

90. My love for you soars with each passing second. Do you think I’ll survive a heart burst? Because my heart is overflowing with love. Good afternoon, baby.

91. Baby girl. This is just to let you know how much you are dearly loved by me. You’re a treasure and I’ll always cherish you. Good afternoon, Cherish.

92. I know you don’t want a repeat of what happened yesterday. But then, even if you have not covered much today, the day is still young, baby. And don’t forget to take a break in between. Good afternoon, dear.

93. My love, my heart will always beat for you and you alone. I will love and desire you, forever. Good afternoon love.

94. It gives me a beautiful feeling knowing that you would come home to me at the end of each day. I hope your day is going as planned. Good afternoon, love.

95. The weather is quite cool, today and I hope you’re having a day as cool too. How’s work going too? Good afternoon, dear.

96. Darling, you will get to the finish line. You are strong and able. And God is on your side. And I love you so much.

97. You’re very dear, baby. Very dear to my heart, soul and body. And you will always be the one made for me. I love you so much, dear.

98. Baby, can I trust you to have lunch today? Baby, please, don’t skip your lunch, OK? I won’t skip mine, too. Good afternoon, dear.

99. Dearie, I know that you are the best of the best and that in all that you lay your hands on, your effort shall be blessed. I’ll love you, always, baby.

100. You are the one I’m gonna spend the rest of my days with. And baby, I’m gonna treasure you forever. I hope your day is going well. Good afternoon, my forever baby girl.

Hi there, gentleman!
Wonderful, isn’t it?

I’m sure you have made a choice for today.

And guess what, you have a 100 messages for the next 100 afternoons!
Very cool, isn’t it?
Your woman would burst with love and won’t be able to get her eyes and hands off you!

So, I’d keep seeing you here, right?

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See you, tomorrow!

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