21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (2023)

Looking for the best date ideas in Baton Rouge? This Southern city nestled along the Mississippi River is known for its rich blend of Creole and Cajun culture, which means endless opportunities for great food, fun activities and thriving nightlife.

Though it's sometimes overshadowed by its larger neighbor, New Orleans, Baton Rouge has its own rich history and charms, including serving as the government seat of Louisiana and the home of Louisiana State University’s main campus.

So, what can couples do in Baton Rouge? What are some good dating activities? Whether you are planning a first date or looking to spend another great evening or day together after many years, Baton Rouge has no lack of fun date ideas for everyone, including food lovers, art aficionados or fans of the outdoors.

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Foodie Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

1. Take a Cooking Class

Learning to create a delicious meal makes a fun date idea in Baton Rouge, where you can take advantage of learning regional flavors and fare, as well as other cuisines.

Check out some great cooking classes in Baton Rouge teaching you how to make everything from french toast to the perfect chocolate truffles. For staying in, consider enrolling in one of many online cooking classes available.

2. Coffeeshop Meet-Up

Louisiana is known for its rich, French-inspired pastries, most notably the famous beignet. This powdery sugar-fried treat pairs perfectly with coffee, often containing a rich chicory flavor.

Baton Rouge has no lack of small cafés that make a perfect date idea in Louisiana for getting to know someone, including local faves like Coffee Call and Coffee Joy, serving up pastries, coffee and sandwiches.

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3. Enjoy Regional Cuisine

Baton Rouge’s restaurant scene offers a number of great opportunities for getting to know Creole and Cajun cuisine as well as other popular southern-inspired fare, including seafood, jambalaya and fried chicken.

Local favorite date night restaurants in Baton Rouge include Louisiana Lagniappe, Rouj Creole and Bistro Byronz.

4. Take a Food or Drink Tour

With rich offerings of both regional and international eateries, Baton Rouge food tours are a way to get a sampling of old and new favorite restaurants in the area.

On a low-key date night in Baton Rouge visiting restaurants, breweries and old hotels, you can learn about history and culture while enjoying great food from a number of different bars and eateries.

Creative Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

5. Paint and Sip

Paint and sips make a great relaxing date idea in Louisiana, allowing both booze and creativity to flow freely. They make a great first or second date idea for getting to know someone new or a perfect date night for couples looking to create signature artwork for a shared home.

21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (2)

6. Take a Dance Class

A great way to work off first date nervous energy and learn new steps to impress your date, dance classes are a fun and active way to get to know each other. An ideal date idea for married couples and budding loves alike, there is a dance style for every kind of couple.

7. Take an Art Class

Enroll in an art class to learn a new skill for a perfect educational and creative Baton Rouge date idea. From pottery classes to painting workshops, there is something perfect for any creative inkling and skill level at various arts organizations, galleries and museums.

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8. Visit DIY Disco

A fun thing to do in Baton Rouge for couples at night, this arts and crafts bar offers sessions for creating a number of home decor and creative projects, including woodworking, knitting, papercrafts and more while serving up signature cocktails like the Disco Fever and the Foxy 75.

Day Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

9. Go Fishing

Perfect for asummer date ideaon the water, Baton Rouge features a number of great fishing spots around the city, including Perkins Road Community Park and Milford Wampold Memorial Park, both stocked with rainbow trout for recreational fishing. Combine it with a picnic for a perfect day date idea in Baton Rouge.

21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (3)

10. Peruse a Famers Market

A great idea for a weekend day date in Baton Rouge, the Red Stick Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday offering up a variety of fresh seasonal and regional produce as well as baked goods, local dairy, art and soaps. In the fall, the market makes a cute Halloween date idea.

11. Visit a Nature Museum or Arboretum

Baton Rouge is host to a number of nature-loving attractions, including the Hilltop Arbortern, the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center and LSU’s Botanical Gardens. A chance to enjoy lush greenery and local history, they make a perfect date idea in Baton Rouge.

12. Bowl a Few Rounds

A casual laid-back idea for a day date in Baton Rouge, you can bring out your competitive streak and spend some time knocking over pins at All Star Lanes or Main Event Baton Rouge. Bowling is also a perfect double date idea.

13. Hiking or Biking

The Mississippi River Basin is full of beautiful biking and hiking trails that show off the beauty of the natural world in this rich locale. Spend some time hiking or biking along the Mississippi River or exploring areas like the Bluebonnet Swamp.

21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (4)

14. Go to a Museum

Wondering "Where should I go for a couple's date?" A great date idea in Baton Rouge is to take advantage of some of its key cultural institutions.This also makes a greatindoor date ideawhen the weather is scorching.

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This could include the Louisiana Art and Science Museum or the Baton Rouge African-American Museum, which make every date a learning experience and provide plenty of subjects for conversation and getting to know each other.

15. Visit the Capitol

Baton Rouge is rich with southern history as the capital city of Louisiana and home to the Old State Capitol building, which not only features tours and an information center, but a lush surrounding park.

Or, you can visit the current capitol building for its spectacular observation deck view of the city. Either is a perfect spot for a daytime date idea in Baton Rouge

16. Shop for Vinyl

What are some low-key date ideas in Baton Rouge? A laid-back idea is to check out Capitol City Records or The Exchange, which offer a great selection of vinyl records and cool vibes.

Add to your collection by picking up a few or just browse the selection while listening to great music. It’s also a perfect casual last-minute date idea.

Night Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

17. Listen to Music

Music performances are one of the most fun things to do in Baton Rouge at night. Like any Southern city, Baton Rouge has a rich music scene that encompasses all manner of blues, jazz, and rock and roll.

Check out the performances at Chelsea Live, the Red Dragon Listening Room or Teddy's Juke Joint for a raucously fun date night idea in Baton Rouge.

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21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (5)

18. Go to a Comedy Club

Looking for a little comic relief? A fun weekend date idea in Baton Rouge for adults is taking in a comedy show at the Silly Rabbit Comedy Club or the Boomerang Comedy Theater, both of which allow you to sit back and enjoy the show with a couple of cocktails.

19. Theatre Baton Rouge

Theatre Baton Rouge is host to all manner of theatrical performances, including musicals and world-class dramas with an emphasis on community involvement. Combine a show with a dinner out for an elevated date idea in Baton Rouge. Gift tickets for a fun birthday date idea.

Free & Cheap Date Ideas in Baton Rouge

20. Stroll Along the River

A fun thing for Baton Rouge couples to do at night, the riverfront is meant for long walks. Baton Rouge skirts the immense Mississippi River, a perfect spot for an evening stroll with coffee or ice cream for a great inexpensive outing and first date idea in Baton Rouge for adults and teens alike.

21. Find Baton Rouge Murals

Baton Rouge is a city of glorious, colorful murals. You will find them emblazoned on the side of restaurants, overpasses, schools, galleries and more. Check outVisit Baton Rouge for a list tips for how to plan your tour for a great, free date night in Baton Rouge.

21 Most Fun Date Ideas in Baton Rouge for 2023 (6)

If you’re looking for fun date nights in Louisiana, Baton Rouge is a perfect city for both residents and visitors. Whether you are seeking out anniversary date ideas or the perfect first, second, or third date ideas, this gorgeous city in the South has you covered.

For even more fun date ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!


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