16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (2022)

If you are interested in Afghan foods and want to learn more about this distinctive cuisine, you are lucky since you have come to the right article. From main courses to desserts, you can have all you might need here.

The information about Afghanistan’s culinary culture is relatively scarce, and in case you don’t know where to start first, you can refer to my suggestions below.

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (1)

Appetizing Savory Dishes You Should Try Once In Afghanistan

Let’s begin the article with various delightful Afghan savory dishes so that you can choose the one you want to try first. Don’t worry, all of them will be toothsome, so you won’t regret giving them a go.

1. Afghani Cilantro Chutney

This Afghan culinary idea will surely be flavorsome because the ingredients list calls for all the pungent fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley with some other strong spices.However, don’t mistake cilantro for parsley, as one small confusion is enough to ruin this dish.

Afghan cilantro chutney is also versatile; you can pair it with almost every Afghan dish like the traditional Bolani, dumplings, or snacks. Its goodness will help to elevate the main course’s taste to another level.

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The best way to make this versatile afghan cilantro chutney.

Watch this video: Afghan Coriander Chutney Recipe

2. Lavash (Afghani Flatbread)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (2)

At first sight, you might mistake the Afghan lavash with naan, a signature kind of bread in India, yet, they are relatively different. First, lavash has toppings, and Afghans will sometimes sprinkle poppy or roasted sesame seeds onto the food.

Secondly, naan is made of leavened dough, while Afghanis make lavash unleavened (to preserve the original taste of the ingredients). This Afghani flatbread has hard or soft variants and with or without fillings.

Spicy meats and cheeses are the ideal partners for this typical lavash. In Afghanistan, people serve lavash to wish for a smooth start for a new marriage, harmonious husband and wife, abundant children, and a prosperous family.

3. Bolani (Stuffed Fried Flatbread)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (3)

Now, turn to a dish that calls for lavash (or other softer flatbread) as the main ingredients. The idea of stuffing something inside a layer of “shell” might be pretty familiar in many cuisines globally, yet, this method to make bolani is quite distinguished.

This bolani comes as a side dish suggestion for an enticing Afghan lunch that I can make at home. The filling for a standard bolani piece only ranges from red lentils, pumpkins, chives, potatoes, and so on, which are quite basic.

Imagine dipping the crispy crust into a bowl of Afghani cilantro chutney makes my mouth water already. So refreshing!

This is genuinely how the Afghans sell these treats on the street.

Watch this video: Afghanistan Street Food

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4. Tukhum Bonjan (Afghani Fried Eggs With Tomatoes)

Once mentioning the most popular Afghani breakfasts, you should not miss this tukhum bonjan. In Afghani culinary cuisine, the first meal of the day is quite essential, so they will try to make it as nutritious as possible.

The dish basically consist of tomatoes, eggs, and various hot, aromatic spices. Afghans love enjoy Tukhum Bonjan with milk-based tea and flatbread to balance the tastes.

5. Kabuli Pulao (Afghan National Dish)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (4)

When you don’t know what dish to cook with leftover lamb, consider Kabuli Pulao, or Afghan Rice With Lamb. It’s a tasty and hearty dish that will make you swoon with the very fist bite.

You can find this dish with the name “qabli palaw”, and the word “qabli ” means “able”. It has that name because there is a fascinating traditional belief behind the dish.

Afghani will consider a woman as ready for marriage if they can make their national-style pilaf, kabuli pulao, beautifully.

In the past, Afgani only served this dish (which is made of long-grain rice, meat like beef, lamb or chicken, and veggies) in Kabul and only for upper-class families.

In case you are asking, this is basically how Afghani makes a kabuli pulao portion.

Watch this video: Kabuli Pulao (Afghani Pulao) Recipe By Food Fusion

6. Rice Mastawa (Sun-Dried Mutton Cooked With Rice)

This hearty rice treat is usually cooked as a heart-warming Afghan dinner for a cold winter evening. Scooping a spoonful of steaming hot chowder-like rice dish, it will be hard to resist filling up your mouth or the empty stomach with the tasteful delicacy.

Two unique ingredients help accentuate the Afghani breeze: lahndi (sun-dried mutton) and quroot (salted, drained, and dried yogurt).

They will simmer all the components in one pot, add several fragrance ingredients before serving with veggies.

7. Aush (Afghan Noodle Soup)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (5)

Aush is one of Afghani’s most famous delicacies, and tourists should taste it at least once while visiting this hidden gem. This food whose name begins with “A” is ideal on a cold day.

Aush comes in two main varieties in Afghanistan. The first variety is a meatless or vegetarian-friendly variant with chickpeas and vegetables. The second one has savory fillings with noodles and meatballs from lamb or beef.

The dish’s base will be the special tomatoes/ tomato broth, which will provide a mild sourness and richness while also creating perfect harmony in the dish.

The most detailed guidance on creating a palatable plate of aush.

Watch this video: Afghan Ash Recipe - Noodle Soup Recipe

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8. Borani Banjan (Afghan Eggplant Dish)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (6)

To be short, this dish is made of fried eggplants with tomato sauce and several Afghan signature condiments. The standard borani banjan needs to cover all the gratifying richness and the minty hint from the seasoned yogurt topping.

From the recipe list, you can obviously see this food is a vegetarian option. Therefore, if you are looking for a vegetarian-friendly meal in Afghanistan, just try this delicacy with meatless lavash or flatbread.

9. Chopan Kabob (Roasted Lamb Racks)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (7)

Don’t confuse kabob with kebab, although both are ways to process lamb. To make a chopan or lamb kabob, they will use a whole cut of lamb rack (not the boneless portions) and the fat from the sheep tail for more flavors.

The food appeared from a long time ago when the ancient sheepherders seasoned their lamb with salt and grilled/roasted them on the hot fire for food. Nowadays, the chopan kabob is a prevalent dish in Afghanistan and stands for Pashtun culinary cuisine.

You can find this treat on the road by finding the stalls called dunkan-e-kebabi. They will serve you this chopan kabob with flatbread or long-grain rice based on your preferences.

10. Aushak (Afghanistan Leeks And Scallion Dumplings)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (8)

There is usually no meat inside Afghani dumplings, and you can expect the full fillings with only chopped spring onion, chives, gandana (leek), and some kinds of herbs.

But don’t pass it too quickly; Afghan people serve this aushak with minced lamb/beef sauce (ragu) that is cooked in tomato sauce and seasoned with dried mint. Sometimes, they also offer you some tasty chakkah on the dish.

Because this dish requires more effort and time, Afghans will likely prepare it on special occasions or family gatherings.

Easy peasy ways to create a no-fail aushak in an accurate Afghani way.

Watch this video: Ashak Mazari Afghani

11. Mantu (Meaty Afghan Dumplings)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (9)

Mantu, mantoo, manto, or manti are all used to describe a meatier variation of Afghani dumplings filled with minced beef or lamb. Plus, you can also find it in Saudi Arabian native cuisine.

As illustrated, this dish looks relatively similar to the Chinese dim sum or the Korean mandu, yet the taste will be entirely unique, thanks to the use of hot Afghani spices.

Afghani people will steam these dumplings until cooked and eat them with yogurt and tomato sauces for more taste layers. Furthermore, if you are not a fan of fried foods, these healthier steamed dumplings should be your top choices.

Have You Ever Heard About These Tasty Afghani Desserts?

Among all of the exquisite foods from Afghanistan, let’s start the list with some luscious Afghani sweets first! Believe me; they will surely please your taste buds.

12. Gosh E-fil (Elephant’s Ear Pastries)

The highlight point of this delicacy, besides its exciting elephant ear-reminiscent shape, lies in the simplicity of the dough that is kneaded carefully and then fried until crispy.

(Video) 5 BEST AFGHAN DISHES from Mini Kabul of Delhi | Delhi Street Food

The makers need to be skillful since they must ensure that the crust is thin enough to avoid greasy feeling.

After fried, Afghani will top the treat with some icing, powdered sugar, crushed/chopped pistachios, and cardamom to taste. Gosh e-fil is super simple to eat, so you will not encounter any challenge even if it is the first time trying.

13. Afghan Jalebi

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (10)

Besides Gosh e-fil, this jalebi is the second most famous Afghani sweets or dessert in the world. Jalebi is made from a flour mix combined with fermented sugar, butter, and saffron powder to lend the cake an eye-catching golden color.

The exciting thing about Jalebi is the processing stage; Afghani will put the mixture into a bag, cut a small hole, and directly “drizzle” the paste-like mix into the steaming hot oil pan.

The natives will suggest you have it when it is still hot, so you should try that way of eating too.

Fun fact: You can find this food in Bangladesh under the same name, or Shahi Jilapi. Here, this crunchy snack is often served as a fast during Ramadan.

The proper way to make jalebi you might want to know.

Watch this video: Jalebi Recipe , Make Crispy Crunchy And Juicy Jalebi In Minutes

14. Sheer Yakh (Afghani Ice-Cream)

Have you tried ice cream with noodles before? If it is a new term for you, you should experience this distinctive sheer yakh as soon as you have a chance.

The term “sheer yakh” means “frozen milk,” and Afghani, from all age groups, enjoy this titillating sweet treat.

The cream base in this dish will be a bit denser than the regular one, and they usually add in some chopped, flavorful nuts and powdered spices to flavor this sheer yakh.

15. Sheer Khurma (Milk With Dates)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (11)

This sheer khurma (or sheer khorma) is a traditional festive Afghan dessert. Besides being served on sacred or religious occasions of the Muslims, this sweet dish can be used hot or cold as a light breakfast or tempting dessert for family’s important guests.

The toppings are often plums, dried nuts, and the sugary milk base . This dish is even richer and milkier than you might think because of the buttered vermicelli.

The most pleasing instruction to make a perfect sheer khurma bowl is here!

Watch this video: Sheer Khurma - Eid Special Sweet Semai Recipe

16. Malida (Whole Wheat Afghan Treat)

You can find Malida in both Afghanistan and the northern regions of India. Yet, the Afghan variant, which is also the authentic one, has a slight difference in appearance.

(Video) SEHRI BUFFET IN JUST 799 RUPEES 2022 | Oban Hotel Gulberg Lahore | Chicken Nihari | Anda Channe

In its born-in country, Malida is a meaningful Afghan sweet confection that is frequently prepared for sacred occasions (weddings, festivals, religious ceremonies). That shows how vital this sweet treat is in Afghanistan.

Providing the full flavors from cardamom, sugar, and crunchiness from breadcrumbs, Afghani loves to eat the treat with strong tea to balance the tastes.

17. Haft Mewa (Afghan Fruit and Nut Dish)

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (12)

“Haft” means “seven,” and “mewa” means “nuts/fruits” in the Afghani language, and it has the name since there are seven main fruits in the haft mewa ingredients list.

The fruits used are fixed, including almonds, walnuts, red/green raisins, apricots, pistachios, and berries. Each of the mentioned fruits/nuts provides a distinctive color so that the haft mewa bowl will be absolutely colorful.

Afghani will serve this dessert with sweet rosewater and eat it on the first breakfast of the Afghani new year (or the first day of spring).

The best taste test for haft mewa you should take a look at.

Watch this video: Haft Mewa (Taste Test) Traditional Nowruz Dish

It Is A Privilege To Have A Chance To Experience Many Cultures

Every culture in the world, big or small, famous or not, has an unmistakable identity. Their typical dishes will significantly show a lot of those features.

If you are a person who loves to experience the delicious food from this sunny and windy country, trying Afghan cuisine will be an unforgettable memory for you.

I hope that the dishes I present to you today will help you choose your favorite. Please share your impressions with me in the comment section below; I would love to know your feelings.

16+ Most Popular Afghan Foods That Can Amaze You In 2022 (13)

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  • Appetizing Savory Dishes You Should Try Once In Afghanistan
  • Have You Ever Heard About These Tasty Afghani Desserts?
  • It Is A Privilege To Have A Chance To Experience Many Cultures


What is the most popular Afghan food? ›

Kabuli Pulao

It is known as the national dish of Afghanistan because of its popularity. It is a slow-cooked pulao that includes lamb and mutton along with meat stock called yakhni. This rice dish requires minimum spices and is cooked in lamb fat for flavor.

What are popular foods in Afghanistan? ›

Lamb and chicken are widely enjoyed, with the Afghan lamb kebab a very popular street food. Korma is type of stew with a base of fried onion and garlic, and can include meat, vegetables, chickpeas, tomato, fruit, yogurt and spices. Rice is a specialty and considered the best part of any meal.

What do Afghan people like to eat? ›

Afghans eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Common fruits include dates, melons and other dried fruits. Common vegetables include eggplant, spinach, potato, carrot, peas, onion, legumes, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Fresh mint and coriander are also very common.

What do Afghans eat for breakfast? ›

Afghan Food: Breakfast
  • Lots of eggs, either fried with vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes and peppers (there are many different kinds)
  • Roht, a sweet bread.
  • Paneer cheese maybe on its own or with raisins.
  • Sambosa, a savoury pastry which is filled with meat.
  • You would drink a sweet chai tea.

Is Afghanistan food spicy? ›

Unlike some in their region, Afghans like their food neither too spicy nor too hot, and they are renowned for their use of dried fruit and nuts. They have a flair for rice, with yoghurt used as a dressing, topping or accompaniment, much like Italians use cheese.

Do Afghans eat sweets? ›

Upscale Afghan cuisine has adopted a lot of British and Indian desserts—divinely delicate flans, rice puddings flavored with rose water. But in most poor Afghan towns and villages, the dessert I ate most commonly consisted of sugar-coated almonds, green raisins, and caramels imported from Iran.

Do Afghans drink tea? ›

Tea is Afghanistan's unofficial national drink. It is offered to guests within moments of arrival for an official meeting or a social get-together. To not offer a glass is a social affront and is meant to make a point by an unhappy or unwilling host.

How do you make vegan food taste better? ›

Adding spices, herbs, tea, broth or juice to the cooking water will take otherwise boring black beans or quinoa to a new level. A good sauce or dressing will go a long way to adding flavor to a meal, especially with grains or beans.

Do Afghans eat with hands? ›

Afghan food may not require utensils to eat. Everyone normally uses their right hand to serve themselves from a dish, scooping with the fingers. Scoop food into a ball at the tip of your fingers before putting it into your mouth. Naan bread may be provided as a scoop.

Do Afghans eat pasta? ›

While pasta is traditionally associated with Italy, it is used in everyday cooking in Afghanistan, according to Hashim.

Do Afghans drink milk? ›

The cuisine is mainly based on Afghanistan's main crops, such as wheat, maize, barley, and rice. Accompanying these staple grains are native fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, whey, pomegranates, grapes, and sweet melons.

Do Afghans eat meat? ›

Foods and Dietary Practices

​Mutton (lamb) is the most popular meat eaten in Afghanistan. Chicken is also common, and it is usually served with long grain rice, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Favorite produce items include eggplant, spinach, potato, carrot, peas, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, dates, and melons.

What is difference between ashak and Mantu? ›

Normally, Jeja is my source for recipes, but she prefers aushak to mantoo and rarely makes this dish. The basic difference between the two dumpling dishes is that the aushak is boiled and served with a meat sauce on top while mantoo is steamed with the meat mixture inside the dumpling.

Do Afghans drink alcohol? ›

Afghanistan is one of 16 countries in the world where the drinking of alcoholic beverages at any age is illegal for most of its citizens. Violation of the law by locals is subject to punishment in accordance with the Sharia law. Drinkers can be fined, imprisoned or prescribed 60 lashes with whip.

What is the most popular drink in Afghanistan? ›

Tea is Afghanistan's unofficial national drink.


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